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A couple of weeks ago, MMA superstar Ronda Rousey revealed in an Ask-Me-Anything on Reddit that she was interested in being cast for a pretty big role in a Marvel Studios film. Being blonde, tall, strong, and capable of beating people to bloody pulps, it was little surprise that she was interested in playing Captain Marvel, who will be the subject of her own film in 2018. A lot of fans like the idea of Rousey as Marvel, she’s got the stature and the gravitas, the only question is does she have the acting chops? That may be a moot point soon as Rousey builds her CV, but one producer has heard enough, and he wants Rousey for Captain Marvel. Well, er, the porn version anyway. (more…)

More Superhero Porn Coming

hawkeye_tigraWe recently shared with you the news that a porn version of the old Batman show was being made. Apparently the buzz surrounding the movie has prompted Vivid Entertainment to create a separate imprint just for this growing genre: Vivid Superhero. Batman XXX director Axel Braun is already in preproduction for a Superman parody.

The first thing that comes to mind is that DC and Marvel co-own the trademark on “super heroes,” so maybe Vivid will dodge the bullet by using only the singular. They could really get away with just calling it Vivid Heroes, because let’s face it: no one would get a Vivid Heroes movie expecting it to be about a fireman who saved a sorority house (with his big hose, naturally).

Vivid Superhero will feature parodies of both Marvel and DC heroes as well as lesser-known schmoes like the Green Hornet. Now I’m just thinking here, but it seems to me that they will incur less attention from corporate lawyers if in addition to parodying the various heroes, they parody the names of the heroes. That way there could be no confusion at all.

And just because I’m a helpful type of person, here are just a few ideas for pornified versions of super heroes and villains. And by “a few,” I mean “how ever many I can think of in a few minutes.”

Doctor Cocktopus
Wonder Womanizer
The Flasher
Sex Luthor
The Jacker
The Diddler
The Poonguin
The Incredible Bulk
Iron Minge
Captain Americock
The Fantastic Foreskins
Green Intern
Pussycat Woman (likely would be abbreviated a bit)
Silver Scrotum
Dr. Spooge
Dr. Doome (pronounced “do me”)
Dickman and Throbbin
J’Onn J’Izz, the Martian Manhumper
Arse-Anal (a bit of a stretch from Arsenal, I suppose, but are you looking for quantum mechanics here? I thought not.)

As always, feel free to add your own in the comments section. And no points for changing the Huntress. That’s just too easy.

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