b.d. wong


In the whole of the first three Jurassic Park movies, there was one man that the production of Jurassic World depended on to be their through line from the earlier films to the new entry in the franchise. When in doubt, you call Wong. B.D. Wong! The talented character actor appeared as Dr. Henry Wu in the original Jurassic Park, and reprised the part of Jurassic World, and since Wu escaped unscathed, fans have been asking the question: Will Wong, and Wu, be appearing in the forthcoming sequel directed by J.A. Bayona? Jurassic World 2‘s producer seems to think so! (more…)


Things in Gotham are about to get a little more strange. Thanks to TV Insider, we’ve gotten our first look at B.D. Wong in character as Hugo Strange, who he’ll be portraying in season two of the Fox drama. A noteable fact about Strange, the creepy DC villain: not only does he run Arkham Asylum, but he tends to let his mad scientist side run unchecked and enjoys experimenting on the inmates. How delightfully deranged!  Also, to avoid confusion: Wong is portraying Dr. Strange on Gotham, which is a DC property.  In terms of Doctor Strange the Marvel movie, Benedict Cumberbatch will be doing the honors, while  Benedict Wong plays Wong.  Got it?  Great! (more…)


Both of the Jurassic Park sequels so far have featured at least two characters from the original Steven Spielberg film. In the case of the upcoming fourth sequel, Jurassic World, it seemed as though filmmakers were going out of there way to not have anyone from any previous Jurassic film. Fair enough, it’s been 13 years since the last movie, and a lot can happen in that time, it may be enough to say that Dr. Alan Grant and Co. are just getting to old for that dinosaur $#!%. But in a new interview, director Colin Trevorrow let it be known that there are indeed some known faces in his film, or at least one anyway. (more…)