Klingon Speaking Baby

babyklingon” No wonder daddy left.”

There are very few times I question the life path of nerdydom I have chosen. This ladies and gentlemen is one of those times. I’m all for passing our nerd genes from one generation to the next. To explain why being a nerd is a noble and sometimes lonely path that must be taken by those chosen few, but jesus fuck me with a baseball bat christ. Seriously? Really? Apparently this crazy ass Klingon loving woman has just ensured her child will hate her for the rest of it’s natural life. I’m not a trekkie so I cannot verify that this child is actually speaking Klingon, but I will venture to say that the mom is suffering from post pardom depression and someone needs to get her some Prozac and a hobby STAT. Enjoy the child’s humiliation below. Feel free to let us know in the comment section if it is indeed Klingon or just baby jibba-jabba.

source: neatorama

1. Kindle – Oh to have the entire Chronicles of Narnia set right in your pocket at all times…the future is here, people. As every nerd knows, offers this little book reading device…but did you know the price just came down to $259!! Go now! Go add it to your wish list! And then come back and find out what else you want on your list for Santa this year…kindle

2. Retro Block iPod Speaker – Yes, this dorky little item will charm any nerd with a penchant for engineering. The little Lego-looking mini-dock requires no batteries! Oh, and joy of all joys…you can get in in regular or metallic! Available at

ipoddockLego…read more after the jump (more…)

The Nerdy Baby Alphabet -

The Nerdy Baby Alphabet -

I’m not a fan of kids. I don’t want to have my lady parts stretched out just to spawn hungry, needy little moppets. My sister, however, cherishes her new baby, Gage, so I’ll play the awesome aunt and will buy him some geeky kid stuff. Someone has to make sure the adorable devil has class and nerd cred; I might as well be the hero. Thus, my online shopping turns into your good fortune if you’re also searching for baby gear that’s not pink, baby blue, or ridiculously sweet. After the jump, you’ll find 10 things I’m considering buying my sister’s new sprite… and one Hylian costume that I can’t.

*Note: Most items are for the wee, newborn behbehs. In addition, most are clothes, because newborns don’t do much except lay around and drool. We’ll cover nerdy kids toys later.