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It’s been a pretty sad year for pop culture with the loss of so many great and influential talents across the realms of TV, film, music and sport. This is another, and though many people may not know the name Jerry Doyle, to a generation of fans we will forever be known as Mr. Garibaldi, the acerbic and capable security chief of Babylon 5. News broke Wednesday that the actor and talk show host was found unresponsive in his Las Vegas home Wednesday afternoon after friends were unable to get a hold of him on the phone. (more…)


Screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski has come along way since his days penning the Saturday morning adventures of Captain Power and The Real GhostbustersIn the last couple of years he’s written the screenplays for Clint Eastwood‘s The Changling, as well as Underworld: Awakening, and Ninja Assassin as well as the stories for Thor and World War Z. His next project is Sense8, the new Netflix series from the Wachowski siblings, but it seems that JMS isn’t just thinking about the future, he’s thinking about the past. One of the under-reported bits of news from San Diego Comic Con, is that Straczynski hopes to once again bring his seminal sci-fi hit Babylon 5 to the big screen, and he’s hoping that the fifth time’s the charm. (more…)

With a budget of $100 million, Cloud Atlas marks the return of the successful Andy and Lana Wachowski. Collaborating heavily together on the screenplay and co-directing the film, the duo is now heavily into promoting the feature with co-director Tom Tykwer. So the Wachowski Starship (they have seriously been calling themselves that lately) have been busy, just not to busy to co-create a super secret new television series with Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski.

Variety reports that the Wachowskis and Straczynski have been pitching a mysterious new show to several networks called Sense8. The overall concept of the show is shrouded in secrecy for now with the only known information being that Sense8 will be an hour long series, that Straczynski will serve as Sense8‘s show runner, and the Wachowski siblings will direct several episodes.

Currently Straczynski is in the process of pitching a new thriller series for ABC, while the siblings are juggling press before the October 26th release of Cloud Atlas as well as prepping the production for their next mind-bender Jupiter Ascending, so do be surprised if we have to wait on Sense8 whatever the hell it is.

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Over 2400 stars are currently on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with an average of 20 added each and every year. Directors, fictional TV shows and even an entire crew of intergalactic heroes are a part of this tradition…well almost. The entire cast of the original Star Trek has their own star but where the hell is Walter Koenig‘s piece of the walk? That’s easy, it’s getting shined up for this year’s Walk of Fame ceremony trekkies.

The last of the crew of the starship Enterprise is finally receiving his very own star to walk on, being honoured at a ceremony some time this year. Koenig, who played the young Russian Pavel Chekov in Star Trek, as well as the brutal Alfred Bester in Babylon 5 is the last of the original cast to recieve a star on the legendary Walk of Fame, even years after creator Gene Roddenberry. wrote:

“I certainly do feel honored,” Koenig told us. “It means that my modest body of work has some meaning and has been acknowledged. That’s always a very nice feeling.”Countless Star Trek fans pushed hard to make today’s news a reality, and Koenig had a special message for them: “They’ve been incredible and I’m deeply grateful for their support,” he said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

The nominees for the Walk of Fame are voted for by the people which is weird because this means that Koenig could have earned his place years ago. The man was tortured by Khan and it took this long for his fans to recognize that sacrifice, what a rip off. Thankfully he can finally call one of those stars his own. The votes for 2013 are still open and can be voted for here, you can vote for your favorite actor, director, producer, writer and yes, even fictional character. That means a Harry Potter star in 2013 bitches.

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