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Gaming companies come and go. But few downfalls come as much of a shock to fans as learning on the demise of Telltale Games. With big name titles under their belt, more titles announced for the next year, and hiring as recent as a month ago, fans and employees alike were caught off guard by the announcement that Telltale would be closing its doors. The downfall of Telltale is a cautionary warning to those who work in the gaming industry and a sign that the way the industry does business needs to change. What led to Telltale’s closing, what does it mean for its employees and future games? As fans and industry pros let it all sink in, here’s a list of 5 games you probably didn’t know Telltale created.



Last year was 2015, the furthest point in the future that our time travel friends from Back to the Future journeyed to in the epic trilogy. It’s enough to make you think about the possibility of a reboot. Think about it! What a great homage would it be to remake Back to the Future? Set it today with a new Marty McFly going back to the 80s and meeting his parents then, in the era the original movie is set in. It’s an idea, admittedly, that’s not likely to fly, especially with the producer of the original movie series. In fact, the phrase, “Over my dead body” comes to mind. (more…)

121 gigawatts

It goes without saying that the world at large doesn’t seem to have much chance at getting a new film from the Back to the Future series anytime soon – or ever.  In these days of reboots and decades-later series continuations, however, fans have learned to never say never, but the creative team behind BTTF has been extremely adamant that no new films will be joining the canon.  The closest fans have gotten to new stories from the universe of Doc Brown and Marty McFly has been the recent 4-issue comic book Back to the Future mini-series from IDW Publishing and BTTF mastermind Bob Gale – but now, a fan has created a trailer for a prequel story that takes the franchise in a new and intriguing direction. (more…)


It’s a Stephen King, 8-hour television series adaptation, made by an outlet totally unused to creating original content and starring perhaps today’s most unlikely leading man. Set over fifty years in the past, offering nothing really new in it’s time-travel tale and with wish-fulfilment for the middle aged at it’s central core, what could possibly go right?   (more…)


If you want to play something strange, who you gonna call? Well, if you’re playing LEGO Dimensions, pretty much anyone you want it seems. Fancy a batshit mashup with Doctors Who, Brown and Venkman? Sure! While you’re at it, why not throw in Doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel, MD aka Harley Quinn, for good measure? You may as well drop Marty McFly and The Joker in the street to look on as well. (more…)

DeLoreans Are Coming Back In Your Future


Probably the most iconic image folks have of the Back to the Future films is that of the 1982 DeLorean, made famous by the films in the 1980s.  Like many, you have probably dreamed about owning one of your very own.  If so, your dreams could be coming true in the very near future.  The sleek and modern vehicle is headed back into production after a 35 year hiatus, albeit in limited quanities.  Stephen Wynne, British entrepreneur and CEO of DeLorean Motors has announced 300 new cars will be availabe, hopefully by the beginning of 2017.  Sure, there are technically still original models lying around, but they are refurbs.  These new ones will be brand spanking new. (more…)

Watch Genuinely Funny ‘Back to the Future’ Porn Parody Trailer (NSFW)


How many times have you wished for someone to combine your two favorite things, porn and Back to the Future? More times than you can count on your one available hand? Well, friend, then we have got good news for you! Adult film distributor Wood Rocket is taking advantage of the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future with a XXX parody entitled Fap to the Future. The film stars April O’Neil (surely, she has a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle parody in her repertoire, right?) and Michael Vegas, as parodies of Marty and Doc Brown, respectively. You may recognize O’Neil and Vegas from other porns, probably. The film was written and directed by Lee Roy Myers, who has also directed a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 porn parody. We’re not sure if it’s a preemptive parody or a direct porn sequel and we’re not willing to go find out. We can’t vouch for the quality of Fap to the Future itself, but the trailer is pretty funny and worth a watch. Check it out below, but be warned, it is definitely NFSW.



After a whirlwind day yesterday – October 21, 2015, the infamous date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel to the “future” in Back to the Future II – full of glorious references to the film, new movie-centric products being released, and a slew of interviews, memes, and cosplay, the best was unequivocally saved for last.  As the clocks began to turn to October 22nd, 2015 (the first day ever that the events depicted in the Back to the Future film series took place entirely in the relative past), Jimmy Kimmel pulled the biggest coup in BTTF fandom on his late-night talk show: Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox reunited in character for an amazing trip down future-memory lane.



We’ve officially celebrated the passing of October 21, 2015, otherwise nerdily known as the date to which Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled into the future, as seen in Back to the Future II.  With the 30th anniversary of the franchise in full swing, it’s time to look at a few of the super cool things that have happened in honor of of one of the most heavy film series ever to exist.