A brutal, earth-shattering plot development came swiftly and mercilessly at the end of “Baelor,” the ninth episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones last Sunday night, and it set off an internet wave of outcry (whining) from viewers of the series who haven’t read George R. R. Martin’s novels, and thus never saw it coming. There’s even a sect of viewers now threatening to stop watching the show, and beyond that, a handful who proclaimed that the book shouldn’t have been adapted so faithfully, that it never should have happened, that the TV version of Martin’s world should be treated differently for the sake of loyal viewers (Can you believe that? Some people are actually proclaiming the movie to be better than the book for once, so to speak.). Loyal viewer or not, anyone who thinks what happened Sunday night shouldn’t have happened, or that it’s a reason to stop watching the series, probably should never have walked in Westeros in the first place.

WARNING: The rest of this babble will contain spoilers. If you’re still not aware of the events that took place in “Baelor,” you might want to avoid scrolling further.


‘Game of Thrones’ Episode Nine: “Baelor”

Every week we’ve been talking about Game of Thrones slowly building toward a climax, slowly burning itself into a wildfire of death, war and desperate sorrow for all of its characters (that’s why we love it, you see; it’s a cheery show). With “Baelor,” that time is now. In the season’s penultimate episode, very few characters get their way, and by the end most are left in a profound state of either shock or brutal determination to avoid shock. It’s a pivotal, monumental episode, and its ending will never leave you.

Warning: BIG spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.