With a trailer debuting at NYCC, an Angel Grove High School newspaper website ramping up the tension day by day and reams to teasers and merchandise dropping left, right and centre, the 2017 Power Rangers movie is pulling out all the stops to become one of the most anticipated reimaginings of next year. An origin story for characters that have not been on the big screen for nearly twenty years, the new movie will see Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Jason evolve from ordinary high school kids to the colourful crime-fighting team we all know and love. (more…)

In a few short weeks Japanese audiences will see the return of the Yamato to their TV screens with premiere of Space Battleship Yamato 2199. The human race has been crushed in their war with the Gamilos and isn’t expected to last much more than a year. The faint hope of some alien beating technology is on the other side of the galaxy and it is up to the Yamato to retrieve it and save us all!

So, it’s your standard Yamato/Star Blazers fare. No word yet on any North American release/redub, but to hold you over Bandai has dumped 10 minutes footage on YouTube.

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It seems that Bandai wants Linkin Park to be mashed up with another anime series (first being the countless of Linkin Park/DBZ music videos) as it seems that Japan will be getting a 30th Anniversary Gundam Plastic Model that was specially designed by the band. What’s the connection you ask? Well, it seems that the upcoming arcade game, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs., will feature the song “The Catalyst,” that is from the bands new album. Of course, I’m sure some of you people will remember that in the “Somewhere I Belong” music video, it featured many Gundam plastic models.

Will the Gundam model come over stateside? Who knows but it’s been cool to see that Gundam has been getting some love from musicians, such as Andrew W.K. releasing a full Gundam anime cover album over in Japan. You think these type of things only work in Japan or do you think something like this will work in America?

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

Video Game Console-font


Can ya name all the video game controllers/peripheral that is pictured on that poster. From Atari to the Xbox, to WonderSwan and Playdia, Varun Vachhar did his best to put up almost everything in the video game world. Hell, he even gave the gaming taco, the N-Gage, some love by portraying it on this poster. Check for a bigger image after the jump and see if ya can recognize what is what. (more…)

DB01Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the Champions! When Digimon came out, I was obsessed, got the Digital pet as I thought finally a boy version of Tamagotchi came out. I played the card game, watched 4 out of the 5 anime series, and collected the figures, all while being obsessed with Pokemon at the same time. Last week, WeMade brought its Korean made Digimon MMORPG to America as Digimon Battle and I got into the Beta. The Open Beta is of course free and one can go here to join. If you would like to know what your putting your self into before you go on and do some adventures in the Digital World, maybe this post will help you decide if it’s worth your time or not. Now join me, as go on to the Digital World after the jump. (more…)


Being an Anime fan, I never really did do cosplay unless it was Halloween, but other than that I never thought to because of time and money and also who would want to see a fat Power Ranger. Later this month, Bandai will be releasing for about $10 a piece, these awesome baby clothing that are based from Anime shows and Tokusatsu as well. Tokusatsu are shows like Power Rangers and Kamen/Masked Rider, shows that Saban licensed and air in the 90s. On the top row, you have clothing based from Devilman from the TV Anime version of Devilman, Dorami and Doraemon from Doraemon fame, Ultra Seven and Ultraman from the Ultraman franchise. On the bottom you have the orange Turtle Gi from Dragon Ball, Shocker and Generation 1 Kamen Rider from the Kamen Rider franchise, Go Ranger Red and Go Ranger Pink from Japanese Generation 1 Ranger series, Go Rangers. These little clothing are just awesome and it’s obvious that Bandai is trying to capture the nostalgia for the parents then it is for the infants, I could easily say my Mom would have probably put me in the Devilman or Ultra Seven outfit because those were her favorites when she was a child since I wouldn’t have the option to decided what I wanted.

Source: AlafistaJapanator