Being a nerd is hard work. You burn a lot of calories caring about things so passionately, following them intently and debating them obstinately. It’s important to replenish yourself with some sweet, sweet sustenance before you Hulk-out on your friends and loved ones over whether or not that fall should have killed Rhodey. When the time comes to recharge your batteries, where better than someplace designed specifically with nerds in mind? Sometimes it’s just nice to be among your own people. This article explores the best places in the world to enjoy some nerd-dom while you eat, with everything from an eatery with an actual TARDIS to a bar designed by H.R. Giger himself. It’s kinda like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, except that you won’t have to put up with the guy with the least right to pretentiousness pretentiously pronouncing his last name. So shut the front door and buckle up, because this gangsta trip to Nerdy Flavortown is gonna be off the hook!


Tim Burton 2

In 2015, Zach Neil and Brian Link opened a bar in New York based on the filmography of Will Ferrell. From day one, ‘Stay Classy New York‘ was a quirky place that, many may assume, would come to depend on its Tuesday free pizza parties and Sunday boozy brunches to keep a continuous crowd coming in after the novetly wore off. But the Friday night Anchorman parties and the Smelly Pirate Hooker cocktail have proved quite consistently popular. (more…)

In an effort to bring you an on-the-ground view of Nerd-culture, our Jason Tabrys is overseeing a series of guest-posts, written by his contributors from the now (sadly) hibernating nerd cult and culture site, This time, Myles Cockcroft, a New York based freelance writer and stand-up comedian brings us a report from a very interesting bar in Brooklyn that has a bathroom that is curiously bigger on the inside.

I never really got around to becoming a huge Doctor Who fan, though I thoroughly enjoy every episode I happen to see. I’m sure that if I was a true Whovian, the following sentence would have sent me into a frenzy: “Hey dude, want to do a report on Nerd Karaoke at the Way Station? They have a TARDIS.” This was the opportunity presented to me by the good people at, and immediately my instincts dictated that I must agree to this and ask questions later.

Let’s get this out of the way, yes, the Way Station does have a Tardis. Yes, you can totally go inside it (it is, of course, bigger on the inside), take pictures, check out Matt Smith’s framed signature on the wall, and check out the cool artwork in it. Hell, you can even urinate in it (they never really explained how that works in Doctor Who, did they?). Because there’s a toilet. Because it’s the bar’s only bathroom. Which is both awesome (it’s the coolest fucking bathroom ever), and not-so-awesome (it’s the only bathroom in the bar). I can only imagine how many time lords have been conceived in that particular TARDIS. But this article isn’t about the TARDIS, necessarily, but what the TARDIS represents. (more…)