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When the first video from the Nepal set of director Scott Derrickson‘s  Doctor Strange hit the Internet a couple of days ago, there was a mysterious hooded figure that seemed to be following Benedict Cumberbatch. Now we can safely say that the hooded figure was Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is playing Baron Mordo, another of the Ancient One’s Apprentices. There are some great shots of his costume, which is very cool and quite in line color-wise with the comic book version. (more…)


Have you seen Serenity? Well if you’re a fan of this site, I assume that you have. Anyway, you will surely remember what a compelling villain that Chiwetel Ejiofor made in the part of the Operative, the bloodless functionary of the galactic parliament who will do anything to protect their secrets. It’s was a star-making turn, or at least it would have been if more people had seen Serenity, but it certainly made people who did go to the trouble to watch Serenity stand up and take notice. One of those people must have been Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson, or Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, because they’ve cast Ejiofor in an unnamed role that has now been revealed to be the villainous Baron Mordo. (more…)

doctor strange

As Marvel moves from phase to phase, grabbing up whatever new characters they think can carry their own movies, the speculation on what we can expect from the “new” department grows.  One character that has been almost completely confirmed is that famous sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange.  Personally, this is one I’m eager to see happen, but aside from the fact that a script is in the works, little is known about the project.  Now, it looks like there may be some early-phase details leaking out, particularly with regards to who we can expect to see in the bad guy’s chair.

According to the rumormill, flame-headed pseudo-demon, The Dread Dormammu may be the head honcho in the anti-Doctor faction.  He’ll also have another classic baddie from the Strange stories, Baron Mordo to help him out.  And if the rumors are 100%, Dormammu will have his traditional servants of evil, the Giant Mindless Ones to act as bruisers in his villainous cause.

Of course, the story is still way early in development, so this line-up may just be the first of many that Disney/Marvel is looking at.  As the months and years pass us by, expect more than a few changes.  And expect we here at the Nerd Bastards to let you know whenever something pops up.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.