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Damn you, Rob Thomas for getting the hopes up of so many! Innocent people like Bryan Fuller are getting big ideas that their failed cult classic series may have a hope in hell of getting a movie made of their project.

For Fuller, whose new series (Young) Hannibal premieres next week on NBC, that project in question to be Kickstarted is Pushing Daisies, the romantic comedy about a pie-maker with the ability to bring people back from the dead, who resurrects the love of his life knowing that he can never touch her again without killing her permanently. It’s almost hard to believe that the studio, Warner Bros., wouldn’t want to greenlight it straight up, right?

But seriously, a lot of people want to see a Pushing Daisies movie, which aired for two season on ABC from 2007 to 2009. In a recent interview with Film School Rejects, Fuller talked about his progress in bringing Pushing Daisies to the big screen, and highlights some of the logistical concerns in making the film.

“With Pushing Daisies, we had to build a world. We have to build the pie hole, visual effects, have zombie makeup, and there’s a lot more production elements involved. We made the one-hour pilot for $6 million. Every [other] episode was about $3m to make for the series. To do a movie, I believe we would need between $10-15 million to do it, and that’s harder to ask for than what Veronica Mars is asking for…

I emailed Barry Sonnenfeld first, asking, ‘Would you direct it?’ He said, ‘Well, let’s go to the studio first.’ [Laughs] Yeah, let’s do this one step at a time. I mean, with Veronica Mars they laid out their plan, had all their ducks in a row, and knew what they were doing by the time they hit Kickstarter. I have a lot of catchup to do to see what is possible for Pushing Daisies, what the studio involvement would be, and what the studio’s appetite would be. I have a lot to learn from Rob Thomas on how they pulled it off, and to see if I can do the same with Pushing Daisies.

I would love to return to that world. It’s a very happy place for me. I crammed that show with so many things I love, from dogs to pies to zombies to Kristin Chenoweth. When I was writing Hannibal, I had nowhere to go to give me light. When I was working on Pushing Daisies, if it ever got tough, I was surrounded by things that could make me smile.”

So for the sake of Bryan Fuller’s mental health encourage him in his quest to make a Pushing Daisies movie. Come on people, they only need $10 million to make it happen. Anyone? Hello?

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One more comic book is being snatched up by Warner Brothers to be converted the magical format known as “moving pictures”.  This time the title to be adapted is Lore, a lesser-known property created by the husband and wife team of T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood.  The basic story revolves around a group of world protectors known as the Shepherds.  They are a secret organization that fights mythical creatures in an effort to save the world from their evil schemes.

Here’s a brief, describing the comic:

In times past, the world was full of mythical creatures – creatures long since banished and held at bay by the secret society of Shepherds. But when the generational line of Shepherds is broken, a reluctant hero finds her life threatened from every quarter. And the creatures are coming back…

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been attached to star as one of the Shepherds even before Warner Bros. dropped the cash on Lore.  Now, they’re trying to persuade Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black) that he’d be best for the job of director.  And while Johnson may be known for taking pretty much any role he can get, Sonnenfeld may take a little more convincing.

I’m not familiar with Lore myself, but from what I’ve read it’s supposed to be a fairly complex and decently praised piece of work.  I wonder if Sonnenfeld and ol’ Scorpion King can do it justice or if we’re just looking at a fantasy version of Men in Black?


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That’s the rumor scrounged up by Vulture today. Their spies tell them the Men in Black 3 director is attached to a movie starring The Metal Men movie over at Warner Bros. Huh? I can’t imagine a Metal Men flick tying into a Justice League film the same way a movie for The Flash or Wonder Woman would. Apparently the Warner Bros. found a stack of old DC comic books in the attic and remembered they owned the rights to these characters. Now they’ve gots to make a movie about them, and fast, before this super hero craze wanes.

Oh, who are the Metal Men you ask? Yeah, besides a few brief appearances in Batman: The Brave and the Bold (pictured above) there hasn’t been many modern incarnations of William Magnus’ creations, have there? Here’s their short write-up in Vulture,

The Metal Men centers on an artificial-intelligence expert named William Magnus who creates six cyborgs, each made from a distinct chemical element with talents reflecting their places in the periodic table: Gold, their leader, was almost infinitely stretchable; Iron, the strongman; Lead, the simpleton protector; Mercury, the capricious risk-taker who could melt into the tiniest crevices; Platinum, a female cyborg who could flatten herself but who couldn’t believe she wasn’t a real woman. Sadly, we’re still in doubt as to just what the sub-atomic talents of the self-doubting Tin are. Food preservation? Recycling? Refreshment? All three?

Okay, so the Metal Men are kind of hokey and reek of their retro origins. How will Barry Sonnenfeld update them for a modern audience? Will we see a grittier depiction, as seems to be all the rage since the inception of the Nolanverse? (See what I did there?) Maybe they’ll go more sci-fi, maybe they’ll embrace the camp and play it straight? Who knows! I will say I’m not really excited to hear about a prospective Metal Men movie. I don’t hate the idea, but they weren’t in my top ten DC characters I want to see in a movie.

What say you bastards about this possible Metal Men flick?

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It took mere seconds for the nervous sweats to set in. The stale stench of popcorn mixed with the aroma of shattered hopes, and what I hope is not stale urine. Like walking into the middle of someone elses break up, I instantly knew I shouldn’t be there; there was no way this was going to end well. Why had I thought this was a good idea?! Why had anyone thought this would be a good idea?

Will Smith hasn’t released a film in 3 years, leaving the Earth unprotected for three consecutive summers. His presence in summer blockbusters has been a comfortingly reliable standby, like knowing your grandmother will give you socks for Christmas: not the coolest thing ever, but it gets the job done. Upon hearing the news of Smith’s return to alien slaughtering in Men in Black 3, I became giddy with excitement. There was no logic in this sudden burst of excitement. It was purely guttural, rising from a place of clandestine immaturity and under-developed nerdery. I did not realize it at the time, but I’d been conditioned, from a young age, to associate Will Smith with unbridled fun. Undoing this conditioning, as it turns out, requires one viewing of MiB3 followed by 2 glasses of wine, 3 episodes of Community, and a good, long cry (actual duration of crying may vary from person to person).


Barry Sonnenfeld to Direct a Comic Book Movie?

I’m banking on a lackluster result quality wise, but a lot of people seem excited to go back in time with the next installment of the Men in Black franchise… perhaps to a time when the Men in Black franchise was worth getting excited about. Still,  I offer proper respect to the first film and the look of the second film, and a lot of that credit goes to Barry Sonnenfeld, who is apparently in talks with Warner Brothers to do a comic book movie, this according to, well, him, by way of

“You know, I’m talking to Warner Bros. about doing a franchise based on a comic that hasn’t been around since the 60s. But it’s too early to talk about it. But possibly, yes.”

You hear that? Warners is making a Herbie Popnecker movie! Or maybe, maybe Brain Boy: The Cinema Film! Or Mercury Man! One of them, all of them, none of them, it could be a public domain character, not an old DC character, so the choices (when you follow the parameters Sonnenfeld laid out) are endless and awful. Come on Warners, can this and give us a Flash or a Wonder Woman movie!

After the shitload of disorganized chaos associated with the film during its production, Men in Black 3 will be out in theaters in about a month.  Basically, producers had come up with the idea of a third film back when the second film was still in production but nothing had been done about it for quite some time.  When filming finally started last year, the script wasn’t finished and so an extended break was scheduled for the cast and crew in order to figure out how that shit was going to end.  Sounds like they really have their shit together, eh?  Of course, a lot of fans and critics are skeptical about the quality of this upcoming film for that reason, and Sony has been spending a lot of time trying to rectify the PR disaster that this caused by promising that the stars will be bringing their characters to life the way that we remember and love them.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld spoke with MTV about the upcoming film and discussed some of the difficulties that were posed.  One of which being that this movie will complete the trilogy but will also be used to lead into a reboot franchise, and so the appropriate clues must be included into the film.  My first thought is: what the fuck do we need more reboots for?

Anyway, here are some tidbits from the interview.  This is what Sonnenfeld had to say about the future direction of the series:

The fantastic thing about “Men in Black 3″ is that it totally closes out the trilogy, it answers questions that you didn’t even know you should be asking, it leaves you emotionally warm and sad and happy, and it could also reboot the franchise. But I can’t even begin to tell you how to interpret all of that. [Laughs] But I would say this: If your interpretation is that “Men in Black 4″ will only star the worm guys and Frank the pug, you are wrong.

He also talked a bit about the villain in this film, who will be played by Jemaine Clement, and may be reminiscent of Vincent D’Onofrio’s bug from Men in Black 1.

Jemaine delivers a totally villainous performance. If there’s any comedy at all, it’s just through frustration. [Laughs] The great thing about Earth is that it can be a frustrating place for aliens. We don’t think clearly, we’re not logical all the time. But Jemaine is not on board this movie for comic relief. His performance is really strong and really villainous. Think about it: If you had not seen the first “Men in Black,” and people had told you that Tommy lee Jones was funny, you wouldn’t have believed it. This is the same thing — no one is trying to be funny. I want my actors to be real. If it’s a funny situation, I want it to be funny. But I don’t want anyone to play to the comedy. Let the audience find the comedy; I don’t want to tell any [of the cast or crew] where it is. So, Jemaine does not deliver a comedic performance. While there are moments of humor that the audience will find funny, Jemaine himself is not being funny, if you get that.

Source: /Film

Whenever you hear of a script being hastily rewritten while a movie is being filmed it’s cause for alarm, this time around it’s more cause for confusion. Apparently Men in Black 3 director Barry Sonnenfeld was fine with the script being written on set, hell it wasn’t even finished when they started production! In the latest issue of Empire Sonnenfeld talks about why.

“We knew starting the movie that we didn’t have a finished second or third act. Was it responsible? The answer is, if this movie does as well as I think it will, it was genius. If it’s a total failure, then it was a really stupid idea.”

I don’t know about you, but I am leaning more towards the later there. It’s a risky move to get into a story that you have no idea how you are going to get out of and if you rush a writer, there is a good chance the movie will just end with Will Smith saying ‘Ah hell nah’.

Make-up effects artist Rick Baker had is own take on the production.

“It was a crazy production. We had a writer actually on the soundstage writing the words moments before the guys had to say them. I don’t think that’s any way to make a movie. But I’ve seen a rough cut and I was actually shocked at how good it was.” 

Shock and amazement that something looks good in a work print sends my cynical side into overdrive, I guess when it hits the big screen on May 25th we’ll see for our selves.

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Some Men in Black III set photos have just surfaced and they’re pretty sweet!  Will Smith is looking freaken’ buff! In addition to seeing a toned Smith we see all the main character like Tommy Lee Jones and Emma Thompson and also a look at Nicole Sherzinger in her role as well.

Sherzinger reported that she plays a villain named Lilly and has minimal screen time.  Thompson as was reported earlier will be playing Agent Oh, the head of the Men in Black.  Thompson is just the hard nosed type to lead two screw ups like Jones and Smith.

I have doubts that the project will be good but it certainly makes me nostalgic for the first one.  At least there will be consistency since director Barry Sonnenfeld who directed the first Men in Black is back on board for this one.  Check out the badass set photos after the jump!

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