Let’s just ignore the fact that we’ve been bombarded with clips from The Amazing Spider-Man over the past while and enjoy this new clip for what it’s worth because it’s pretty damn funny. We see Peter Parker teasing Flash Thompson in the gym with a basketball (is this gym class or just fucking around?) and taking full advantage of his newfound spiderlicious powers.

Although it’s good fun, I’m hoping that this scene will play a part in outlining the kind of character development Parker goes through in adjusting to his new responsibilities.

Check out the video below!  I can’t wait to catch this film in theaters on July 3.

Source: Yahoo!

Say you get in a fight with a Black guy. How do you distract him? Ya throw a basketball at him. Then intercept the white woman and get her to safety. OK, that was an example of a racist joke. Something we never do here and something you should never do at home (unless there’s no black guys around. make sure you look twice).

So, I hate basketball. Too much running and the court is filled with a bunch of tall guys who look like they’re gonna kidnap me (that was  joke about their height you f’ng racist). Not to mention how much I hate March Madness. Shit infests the airwaves. Completely ruins my day-to-day television viewing. Anyway, what I do like is Robert Rodriguez. No director has a penchant for bloody-violence and and balls-to-the-walls action like Rodriguez does. I’ll leave it to him to turn me into a basketball fan.

Enter ‘The Black Mamba’ a new short film by Rodriguez that ran in-between the NBA All Star Weekend. The director of Sin City and Spy Kids teamed up with Nike and Los Angelas Lakers star Kobe Bryant, along with Bruce Willis, Danny Trejo and Kanye West, for the basketball-influenced grindhouse short action film.

Plain and simple, it’s a great video. Action, laughs, explosions and product placement (“Product placement gives us a bigger budget. Bigger budget? Bigger explosions.”). It kind of irritates me how Rodriguez can ooze more talent and suaveness into one 6 minute than I can muster in my whole life. Fucker. You can watch the short below: