Months before Batman V. Superman ever hit the screen, rumors were floating around the internet that the honchos over at Warner Bros. were so impressed with Affleck’s turn at the cape and cowl that they wanted Affleck to stick around as the definitive Batman, not just for Justice League 1 & 2, but for an entirely new Batman trilogy. Well now word from from Affleck’s own agent is that there is a script and its really cool.



Well, everyone once in a while a rumor comes along and is actually confirmed to be true. I know, it’s like a Christmas miracle here in Internet land, but it IS true! The rumor this time around is that one revolving around Ben Affleck taking the reigns of a new solo Batman flick. And while one might normally expect news of this magnitude to be reserved for an SDCC panel this time of year, that’s not the case here. Scroll on for all the details. (more…)


Suicide Squad is a Dirty Dozen-esque film about a motley crew of incarcerated villains and anti-heroes recruited by the government for a suicide mission. You got a band of deranged killers and psychopaths… heck, there’s even a guy who’s a jacked-up humanoid Hammerhead shark, for crying out load. All of that, and the only thing people seem to care about is the Joker. And if it’s not the Joker, then it’s Batman.

Coming off the Jared Leto’s reveal as the newly tattooed, grill-toothed Joker – which, by the way, the internet was oh so open-minded to – comes visual confirmation of Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne appearing in WB/DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad. Rumor said Affleck himself would be making a more traditional cameo in the movie, and now a recent photo from the Toronto set practically assures it. So, let’s forget that this movie stars other people and get all batty about Bats. (more…)


Now that the initial fervor over Ben Affleck‘s casting as Batman in Zack Snyder‘s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has died down, or at least reached a low simmer on the Internet, the unusually tight-lipped Affleck has begun to talk about his role in the movie and fans reactions. No matter where you sit on the Batfleck Fence, you should at least hear the man out. You might be surprised by his answers.  (more…)


Anyone that knows who Batman is should know the origin of this iconic character. We all know that he lost his parents and went a bit batty (badda-bing!) and then started defending Gotham against the bad guys. And as far as we know, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be keeping all this back-story intact. What they may be changing up, however, might piss more than a few people off. Scroll on for the latest rumors regarding how the character of Batman might differ from his comic book counterpart. (more…)

batfleck original

The release of the first look at the new batsuit was the highlight of many people’s day. Unfortunately, old Zack Snyder didn’t give us a proper color picture. But, thanks to the folks over at ComicBookMovie, we can at least have a close-up look at the new suit to catch some of the details. In addition to those pictures, we also bring you a look at the latest phenomenon – Sad Batman Memes. Poor Ben Affleck looks so bummed out in the new pic that some folks have gotten creative with him. Whatever your opinion on Batfleck, they’re definitely worth a look. (more…)

And Here Is Ben Affleck As Batman

Looks like Zack Snyder made good on yesterday’s tease to reveal a better look at the Man of Steel 2/Batman vs Superman Batmobile, to bad some yahoo from Boston is wrecking the shot. Granted that yahoo is Ben Affleck and he is wearing the new batsuit.

We’ve been waiting almost a year to see how our next big screen Batman will look… ready? (more…)

Seth Green is NOT a Fan of the Batfleck


Fans are divided on the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman. For the most part everyone falls in one of two camps: it’s either inspired and unexpected casting, or a terrible, awful choice with the potential to jeopardize the entire Warner Bros./DC franchise. And Seth Green, notable fanboy and creator Robot Chicken, where does he fall? Decidedly in that second camp. (more…)