Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman & Harley Quinn Prequel ComicWe’ve know for awhile that we’d (sorta) see return to the much loved Warner Bros. Animation Timmverse with the Batman & Harley Quinn movie and it is starting to look like the 90’s borne fan favourite and critical darling Dark Knight defining cartoon’s return might be more than just a one-off direct to home movie. ScreenRant has just reported that the cartoons spin-off comicbook is making a return too to in the form of a prequel that will help set up the new movie. Here’s are the official details: (more…)

Despite the criticism, two of the breakout characters from the the DC Extended Universe films released last year were Batman (played by Ben Affleck) and Harley Quinn (portrayed by Margot Robbie). We saw the two of them together briefly in Suicide Squad, but how about a whole movie dedicated to the less-than-dynamic duo? It’s unlikely to come to pass in live action form, but it will definitely be coming to pass in animated form. And soon. A new DC Animated Universe movie is in development called Batman and Harley Quinn, and the cast includes a fan favourite Batman and a brand new Harley.  (more…)