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When I think of what might make a fun game (which I do way more often than would be socially acceptable), stepping into the sweaty boots of Batman and beating the absolute shit out of everything in sight is often at the top of the list. It’s a shame then that, with the sole exception of Konami‘s sublime Batman Returns brawler on the SNES, game developers failed miserably to recreate that experience for gamers for decades. It wasn’t until 2009 that ole bats gained his most valuable gaming ally, Rocksteady Studios. Their Batman debut, Arkham Asylum, was everything Batman fans could have asked for and more, but it was far from perfect, especially in that idiotic final encounter with Joker. Luckily, the rogues over at Smosh Games and Honest Trailers were brave enough to take on the game’s eccentricities with a hilarious, brutally honest trailer of its very own. (more…)


In a case of film imitating video games imitating comic books, the next DC Comics Animated Universe movie has been revealed to be based on the Batman: Arkham video game franchise. Unless I’m mistaken, this is the first time a comic book movie’s been inspired by a comic book video game, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Arkham games have inspired this shift given the influence they’ve had on the comic books. So when might you be able to put this new artifact of modern cross-promotion, Batman: Assault on Arkham, in your Blu-ray player? Read on. (more…)


When it comes to the voice of Batman, there’s only one true Dark Knight vocalizer, and that is the great Kevin Conroy. He’s given utterance to Gotham’s greatest protector throughout the 90’s animated series, the subsequent animated movies, and video games. The latter of which, Batman: Arkham Asylum, has been heralded by critics and fans alike as the greatest of all the Batman games, if not the best super hero video games of all time. Speaking of which, there’s been a lot of hullabaloo over the latest installment.

Developed by  Warner Bros. Games Montreal, Batman: Arkham Origins features an expanded Gotham City and introduces an original prequel storyline occurring several years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Fans are miffed for a few reasons.

1. Prequel smequel – too many cliche origin stories now. Everyone was hoping for a Batman Beyond Arkham Asylum or something.

2. Mark Hamill will not reprise his role of the Joke.

3. Batman writer and lead collaborator Paul Dini will have no involvement this time around.

4. The game is produced/developed by Warner Bros. Games, not it’s previous creators Rocksteady Studios.

Basically, fans fear this be a poorly produced game – nothing but a quick cash grab banking on the success of the previous installments.

Well, the nay-Sayers may have a reason to feel a little better. Kevin Conroy confirmed this weekend at Dallas Comic-Con that he will return as Batman. Why? BECAUSE HE’S BATMAN. Alright, so the voice of Batman is back; interest level has jumped a little. Regardless, there’s still a large worry that this game will not live up to it’s predecessors.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available for the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 25, 2013.

In about two weeks time we’ll all be huddled in front of our televisions, swinging through the buildings of Gotham or gaping at Catwoman’s ample cleavage. That’s right, Batman: Arkham City is upon us. Never before have I been so anxious to get my hands on a video game’s sequel. Arkham Asylum was perfect, in both it’s game play and mechanics, as well as it’s translation of the Dark Knight to the third person action-adventure game. How can Arkham City ever hope to surpass it?

First off, even though Asylum took place in, well, uh, Arkham Asylum, it’s Arkham City that boasts the most villains. From Hugo Strange to the Penguin, Two-Face, and I wouldn’t completely trust Catwoman if I were Bats, Arkham City seems to have a part for every one of Batman’s rogues to play. The newest addition was caught by Youtuber, MrKQGaming, in a recent Arkham City montage on Qore. Who’d he spy? Jarvis Tetch, also known as The Mad Hatter.

I think players will find his mind control abilities and preference for young, fair, blonde girls a perfect fit in the creepy world of Rocksteady’s Gotham.

So if Arkham City is home to more villains than Asylum, what of those who fight for the side of good? We know Batman, obviously, and Catwoman are featured as the in game, in story playable characters, Tim Drake’s Robin will be available as a Best Buy exclusive with his own challenge maps, but what of the original Robin, Dick Grayson. Will he appear as Nightwing? The rumors are yes, and those rumors are starting to look very likely. Check out these unearthed, potential character images,

Okay, I’ve kind of got a thing for Dick Grayson, not unlike many Batman fangirls. He’s like Bruce, but without too much of the weird, emotional baggage. But these images do not make my heart a’flutter. Maybe I’ll change my mind when and if we see him in game, maybe with just as many gratuitous ass shots as Catwoman. Come on guys, it’s only fair if the fan service swings both ways.

To add more credence to the rumor Nightwing will appear in Arkham City, XBOX 360’s Avatar Marketplace is releasing Arkham City themed items, including a Nightwing t-shirt. Is it simply a nod to comic book fans or a tease of the character’s inclusion?

Well, there’s your roundup of rumors and speculation surrounding the release of Batman: Arkham City on October 18th. Will you be picking up the game? If so, for which console? Or are you planning to buy the PC version?

Sources: Geek Tyrant (2), Comics Alliance


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One of the most talked about games at E3 is Batman: Arkham City. The oh-so-anticipated sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum won’t release until October 21st but it’s being played again and again by those lucky bastards at E3. G4 is you’re channel to keep up with what’s going on live at the convention and they talked to Warner Bros.’, Sefton Hill as well as showed off two lengthy demos of game play.

The first video shows quite a bit of game play as Catwoman. Oh yeah, if you haven’t heard you can play as the slinky feline, beating up thugs and stealing their diamonds. She’s a fully fleshed out character with her own moves and gadgets. Plus, you can crack her whip to disarm opponents or trip ’em up. Feisty. As you’ll be able to see in the video her story intertwines with Batman‘s.

Video GamesE3 2011

Besides the addition of the massive map of Gotham to tool around in they’ve also improved the detective mode (hooray no more blue screen!) and added additional moves. The next video shows off some awesome new take downs and the fighting mechanisms have been amped to allow Batman to take on 25 thugs at a time!

For the next clip, also featuring Batman confronting Harley Quinn click the jump.


Playing as Batman in Batman: Arkham Asylum was the best experience a Bat-fan could have; their interpretation of Batman was spot-on and being the Dark Knight never felt so awesome. We thought things couldn’t get better. Well, how about playing as Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City? Oh yeah, things just got better.

Announced today by Rocksteady‘s Dax Ginn, Catwoman will be a playable character in the new Arkham game,

With Catwoman we get a brilliant character who will allow gamers to indulge in a darker side. With Catwoman, you can take a walk on the wild side and take a break from being the defender of Gotham.

This won’t simply be an add-on or challenge map kind of addition, but a full-fledged character you can advance. Catwoman will come with her own “combat system, gadgets, and abilities. Gamers will get to level up her armor and stats like they will be able to do with Batman.” Awesome!

Oooh, it keeps getting better dear readers, we’ve got a trailer to share. Warning, this trailer is sexy, playful and deadly.

Excited? I mean, about the game, not about Catwoman’s ass. Which I understand is tough, there was plenty of gratuitous ass shots in that trailer. Batman: Arkham City releases on October 16th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

source: G4TV

While we anxiously await the release of the video game, Batman: Arkham City this fall, DC is keeping us tweaked out on the Batman high by releasing a six issue mini-series written by Paul Dini bridging the story between Arkham Asylum and AC. The series begins shipping this month and will be available in print and digitally on the same days for $2.99. But in addition to the six issues they’re also releasing eight page digital chapters that will alternate release dates with the paper floppies and will closely examine Batman’s enemies and their motives. These mini comics are only available digitally but you can grab ’em for the sweet deal of $0.99 in the digital store! Maybe a dollar is still too much to ask for a measly eight pages, but, realistically, what else can you get for a buck?

Here’s the scoop on the Batman: Arkham City mini series from DC’s The Source blog,

Written by Batman: The Animated Series writer Paul Dini (who also penned both Arkham games) and drawn by Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City concept artist Carlos D’anda, BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY picks up one year after the original game, where former Arkham Warden turned newly elected Mayor of Gotham City Quincy Sharp has decided to close down the infamous institution. In its stead, he establishes “Arkham City,” the new maximum security “home” for all of Gotham City’s thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds.  Set inside the heavily fortified walls of a sprawling district in the heart of Gotham City, inmates can roam free and do whatever they want as long as they don’t try to escape. To run this urban prison, Sharp has appointed Dr. Hugo Strange, a man who knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

The six issue mini series and the eight-page interludes will eventually all be collected in a Batman: Arkham City volume, but you’ll have to wait for that. If their smart they’ll have it compiled in time to release with the video game itself.

This is a smart use of the digital store. These eight page chapters are cheap and exlcusive to the digital format. DC Comics co-publisher and Bat-legend, Jim Lee said,

The digital first stories offer a unique incentive for fans to experience interesting and exciting stories beyond the pages in the printed comic.The additional pages will serve as interludes within the regular issues and won’t be necessary to follow the main story of the miniseries.

I really love the idea of the digital store but I haven’t been wowed by their execution yet. I would like to be able to physically own the digital files, especially if I’m paying the same as print price. But I understand that would only escalate piracy. Damn, dirty pirates ruining it for the rest of us, I say as if I’m completely innocent of the crime. With their current cloud storage system it would be nice to see the price knocked down a bit for these digital comics. Which is why the $0.99 digital chapters are fantastic marketing and deals.

I’ve read this first chapter, focusing on Dr. Hugo Strange and it’s great, short for sure, but great. Very creepy setup for a major villain of the upcoming game and a really nice twist from the chaos and insanity of the Joker. Of course, I’m sure the Joker will get his own chapter, how could he not? Buy and read the first eight page interlude, available today, in the the digital store from Comixology.

Every comic book character goes through changes. Sometimes their back story is retconned, the altering a character’s continuity retroactively, and completely rewritten. Other times it’s more simple, a costume change. Often these changes happen when transferring a character between mediums, say for instance from comic book to movie or video game. If done correctly they engage a new devoted following for that character, when done poorly, well, is 2004’s Catwoman starring Halle Berry you favorite incarnation of the feline thief? Thought not.

Earlier this week we were treated to a first look at the cast in full costume for the upcoming arena show, Batman Live. They’re were the familiar faces of Batman and his rogues, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, the Joker and….Pippy Longstocking? Who the hell is the chick with the giant mallet. Oh, it’s supposed to be Harley Quinn!? Well, damn, could have fooled me.

I’ve been noticing a trend. It seems to me every time we see the darling Miss Quinn she’s sporting a new look. Not even updated versions of her famous black and red, checkered body suit, but completely new revisions. Why is Harley in a constant state of redesign?



Hooray for more Batman: Arkham City news!

Strictly speaking, this news does not have to do with gameplay, characters or even villains. No, this deals with one of the most impressive elements from Batman: Arkham Asylum – the story.

According to DC, Arkham City takes place 18 months after the events of Arkham Asylum, and this in-between time will be explained in a six-issue comic book series beginning this May written by Paul Dini (who wrote both games) and game artist Carlos D’anda.

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY picks up one year after the original game, where former Arkham Warden turned newly elected Mayor of Gotham City Quincy Sharp has decided to close down the infamous institution. In its stead, he establishes “Arkham City,” the new maximum security “home” for all of Gotham City’s thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds. Set inside the heavily fortified walls of a sprawling district in the heart of Gotham City, inmates can roam free and do whatever they want as long as they don’t try to escape. To run this urban prison, Sharp has appointed Dr. Hugo Strange, a man who knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

According to Comics Alliance, the comics will be released in print and digitally simultaneously for $2.99 each. As well, DC will release eight-page digital interludes from a variety of artists for $0.99 that will also expand the narrative. All of the content will later be assembled in a collected edition (which will also probably be included in some special edition of the game).

While the game still has a while until it is released, at this point, I will take any information I can get my hands on!

Click below the jump for the official teaser image DC released earlier today for the comic, as well as the amazing trailer for Batman: Arkham City released a few months ago.