It’s hard to imagine Batman without his trusty Batmobile, the car that needs no introduction other than to know it’s the Batmobile. In much of his early comic book adventures, the Batmobile was just a plain old black-colored car that had a bat-shaped fin on it or something, but it was with the Batman TV series in 1966 that the Batmobile practically became a character in its own right. The man behind that Batmobile was George Barris, a car customizer and builder that made the Dark Knight’s ride more than a simple car, but a work of art. It’s sad news then that we learned yesterday that Barris has passed away. (more…)

star wars vii

Franchise rivalry is nothing new. DC Comics and Marvel have had a long-standing tiff, and even Star Wars and Star Trek have been known to lock horns in the hearts and minds of fans for decades now. But DC and Star Wars? They don’t have a beef with each other, right? Well maybe the franchises don’t, but directors J.J. Abrams and Zack Snyder seem to have at least a friendly game of one-upmanship so far as Twitter pranks go. The latest of which is a little surprise that the Star Wars Episode VII crew have for the gang from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. A salute from one hunka junk to another.

The official Bad Robot Twitter feed sent this out earlier today.  (more…)

snyderbatmobileUntil now we’ve had to settle for a few glimpses of the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile, some grainy video footage from spectator’s phones along with one or two official production stills from director Zack Snyder. Now thanks to Autoblog we’ve got a gallery of on set stills that truly deliver the magnificence that is the Batmobile. No matter which Batmobile is your favorite, every time a new Batmobile comes out in the comics or movies every fan boy and girl dreams of getting behind the wheel and racing to capture your favorite Batman villain. (more…)

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We’ve all seen the on set pictures of the new Batmobile for Zack Snyder‘s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice that surfaced earlier this week. Snyder decided to tweet an official picture of that marvelous vehicle after those others leaked. Then quiet rumors started to buzz around the Internet that one of the Batmobile model cars had been stolen off the lot. Warner Brothers and Snyder haven’t confirmed or denied the theft rumor, but early this morning Snyder did tweet a fantastic photo that touches on the subject. (more…)

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Yesterday we got the above image straight from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder. A fantastic look at the new Batmobile, or the Fantastic Fleckmobile, as I’ll now be calling it. Although I expected to see some video of the vehicle in action at some point, I never suspected it would be the very next day. That’s right, video has surfaced showing the Batmobile rolling through its paces on set. (more…)

batmobile 22

Late last night some images of the Batmobile from Zach Snyder‘s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice started popping up on the Internet. A couple popped up and then were quickly deleted by the user. No word if those were voluntary removals or someone shot out a quick Cease and Desist or they just thought their job might be threatened by the posting of the pictures. We’ve scrapped the bottom of the Internet and found those images and brought them for you all together here! (more…)

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Batman junkies may be a little irked that Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight video game has been delayed until next year. But, like all things we grow to love, it sometimes takes time to produce a top-notch game. One thing the gamer team has been showing off recently is a look at the way the Batmobile mechanics work. Unfortunately, the teaser we received doesn’t really go into detail about how these mechanics actually function in-game. Now, a voice in the dark has spoken up in an effort to enlighten us a bit about what we can expect. (more…)