batfleck original

The release of the first look at the new batsuit was the highlight of many people’s day. Unfortunately, old Zack Snyder didn’t give us a proper color picture. But, thanks to the folks over at ComicBookMovie, we can at least have a close-up look at the new suit to catch some of the details. In addition to those pictures, we also bring you a look at the latest phenomenon – Sad Batman Memes. Poor Ben Affleck looks so bummed out in the new pic that some folks have gotten creative with him. Whatever your opinion on Batfleck, they’re definitely worth a look. (more…)

And Here Is Ben Affleck As Batman

Looks like Zack Snyder made good on yesterday’s tease to reveal a better look at the Man of Steel 2/Batman vs Superman Batmobile, to bad some yahoo from Boston is wrecking the shot. Granted that yahoo is Ben Affleck and he is wearing the new batsuit.

We’ve been waiting almost a year to see how our next big screen Batman will look… ready? (more…)