Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is now behind us and there are plenty of fanboys and fangirls out there who feel pretty spent after 4 days of absolute bliss.  The greatest convention in the galaxy brought with it plenty of surprises and even a few tears (of joy, of course) and if you were among the tens of thousands in attendance, making the decision to either go to work or stay in bed on Monday morning was probably a tougher decision than whether or not you should have paid that $15 for the food truck Wookie Fries while at the convention.  Nerd Bastards was on hand for some of the more glorious moments of the convention, so we wanted to share a few of those moments with you! (more…)


Looks like we’ll never ever get a chance to put our thumbs to the world of Star Wars 1313, a stunner of a game that was previewed at last year’s E3. Yes, that title and any others that were in development over at LucasArts have been sucked up into the gears of the big machine, devoured by Disney along with 150 jobs that were lost today when mouse-eared money men decided to pull the plug on the notable design studio.

According to Kotaku, this is no surprise, but — and this is not to dismiss the very real toll levied up the 150 workers who will be without a means of support — it’s still a bit of a hit to a world that craves playable Star Wars, especially in these moments where the universe is expanding with new titles and other notable products.

Will gamers be left behind as Disney tries to take over the world? Possibly, unless the keepers of Walt Disney’s frozen head decide to farm out the work like LucasArts did with the Battlefront games.

Those games are — in my mind — the best out of all the Star Wars games (though, in fairness, I never played Knights of the Old Republic), and yet we know the sad and tumultuous end that that franchise met. Both the Battlefront-esque FPS Star Wars: First Assault and Star Wars 1313 were to be the next shining jewels in the uneven legacy of LucasArts, especially 1313, a possibly Mature rated game that would have followed a bounty hunter into the seamy underworld of Coruscant.

That concept shared some of it’s roots with the long-discussed live-action Star Wars series that still hasn’t come to be, but the story could be cannibalized and re-used in the upcoming run of Star Wars films or, perhaps, as a tie in game that is connected to one of those projects. Really, no good idea goes u un-molested and pushed to it’s break by either Lucas or Disney, so if 1313 came from as good a place as it seemed, we are sure to see some kind of take on the story eventually, even if it’s all dressed up in Frankenstein-ian scars.

Source: Kotaku