DC/CW shows get an early renewal and a small nod to another show as Mark Pedowitz, CW president, makes a comment during the network’s TCA appearance. Batwoman’s pilot has been ordered, but the small comment from Pedowitz gives fans hope that it’s already considered greenlit. What info do we have on the 6th DC/CW show? What’s for sure and certain and what’s just rumor? Arrowverse and Batwoman fans alike wait with bated breath for the next female lead CW comic book show. It seems as long as “Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind” brings in viewers, CW is willing to embrace the trend.




While the fandom toxicity has reached an all-time high surrounding Star Wars and the DCEU, the hate has spread to TV in the last week. With new announcements involving CW’s DC shows, most fans are excited to see what comes next for the Arrowverse. But as trolls can’t help themselves, some fans decided to be critical over announcements and leaked pictures. But the actors involved didn’t take it sitting down. With fans and actors alike supporting them, two CW stars took to social media to address the issues and put the trolls in their place. Which CW stars stood up against the hate and refused to be shamed?



Well this day is off to a good start, isn’t it? As I awoke and began cruising my Twitter feed this story from Bleeding Cool blazed across my screen: J.H. Willaims III and W.H. Blackman are leaving Batwoman after DC refuses to let her marry Maggie Sawyer.

What. The. FUCK!?

I… I don’t even know where to begin!? I guess, in order to get everyone caught up I’ll explain briefly. Batwoman, this new Batwoman who was reinvigorated during the DC event 52 and survived the “New 52” reboot basically intact, is a lesbian. At the end of a recent arc she asked her girlfriend, Maggie Sawyer, a G.C.P.D. police officer, to marry her. In costume no less, finally revealing her true identity to Maggie. It was a huge moment for not only the book, but the characters. And something fans were excitedly looking forward to because nothing brings such enjoyable drama like a superhero marriage.

Sorry folks, but that ain’t happening now. As artist and co-writer J.H. Williams III writes on his blog (at the time of this article his site was down due to overwhelming traffic),


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ABOVE: CAT FIGHT! Or… I suppose Bat fight. It a battle of the Gotham’s extended Batman family as Batgirl takes on Batwoman in what looks to be the beginning of an all out slug-fest. While artists Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes have created an awesome melee between these heroines, it could use a little more tickling for my tastes. [Nickel Double]

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They say a picture can say a thousand words, the following says more than that. It says like… a million words, and not just repeating ‘nerds make awesome art’, oh no.

ABOVE: Yes, that is David Tennant as Dr. Who as a Dinosaur. Yes, it is awesome. Artist Peter Foglesong took several of the doctors of Doctor Who and gave them each their own dinosaurific transformation. Check out Peter’s other take on former Who stars in their Dino forms at What an Art. [The Mary Sue]

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“Homosexuality or any suggestion of it by illustration, dialogue, or text was strictly forbidden” – A 1974 memorandum from the Comics Magazine Association of America, aka the group behind The Comics Code.

We certainly have come a long way — from pretending that homosexuality doesn’t exist in comics to the announcement of a marriage between two male characters. Gone now are many of the stereotypes that plagued the first gay characters like Extraño (whose name literally translates to strange, or queer), DC’s flamboyant magician who was, at one point, infected with HIV by an AIDS vampire named Hemo-Goblin. Yes, things are decidedly different now, but are these recent changes, that are built on top of decades of slow progress, going to find the impact they seek?

For Marvel, the wedding of Northstar and Kyle feels organic, not something done as a stunt. Will it capitalize on recent events like President Obama’s affirmation of his support for gay marriage and efforts to both harm and further the cause of marriage equality? Sure, but Northstar is regarded as among comicdom’s first gay heroes, with his sexuality at first implied from 1979 to 1992, and then confirmed by Scott Lobdell in Alpha Flight #106, and he has been in a relationship with Kyle for quite some time.

If Northstar was straight and had proposed to a woman, no one would care or bat an eye and that marriage would be viewed as standard, but in this unjust and under-evolved world, same sex couples cause fear, controversy, and anger and there is a wall impeding their pursuit of that standard.

In real life, that wall stands due to prejudice and archaic legislation and in comics, it stands due to a fear of reprisal from the loud voices of small people. Big voiced, small people who have hindered the ability of writers, creators, and somewhat gutless publishers for almost 25 years since the Comics Code changed and the blockade on addressing homosexuality in comics was lifted.

In those two decades though, there have been plenty of out characters, but other than Northstar and Batwoman, most gay characters have been used in minor roles like Phat, been humiliated like Wing, quickly discarded like The Freedom Ring, or been a total embarrassment like the previously mentioned Extraño. Yesterday though, news broke that DC Comics would go against prior statements and change the sexual orientation of one of their existing characters in an effort to add another major out gay character to the landscape, with co-publisher Dan DiDio (the author of those prior statements) saying that that character would become one of DC’s “most prominent gay characters”.

Naturally this set off a firestorm, with most blogs and comic news sites (including this site) openly (and somewhat immaturely) speculating on who the new gay member of the DCU was, or as one site put it, “who is this mystery gay?” Hell, Fox News even weighed in, speculating on if the new out DC character could be Superman, that unyielding symbol of American virtue and value (save for that time he denounced his citizenship).

I for one don’t really care who it is, I care how it’s done. As I said up top, Northstar and Kyle’s engagement and pending nuptials developed organically, the timing is a touch curious, but it doesn’t really feel like a hollow gimmick. On the other hand, DC’s decision to suddenly mess with a characters origin story and switch their sexuality could very well feel exactly like that if it isn’t done properly.

Too many characters have been turned gay to get a bounce in readership and then left to fade away or pretend that this massive part of their lives doesn’t exist. I’m not saying that a characters sexuality should be ever present in all things that they do, I’m not personally interested in overly sexual characters regardless of their orientation, but I think the intelligence level of the average reader is high enough that writers can move beyond the habit of portraying gay characters as little more than a checked box on a diversity survey, or a eunuch. Let reality be a guide, and let these characters be truly multi-dimensional, because anything else is going to come off as DC trying to get some cheap attention, betray an origin story, and tweak Marvel as they try to break a barrier.

Sources: ScienceFiction.comThe AdvocateBleeding Cool, Seal Of Approval: The History of the Comics Code by Amy Kiste Nyberg


DC New 52, it was only nine months ago that this re-boot of the entire DC Universe set the comic book community a buzz. How much would the canon we all grew up with change and would it reduce the integrity of the characters? Well with the constant competition between DC & Marvel, there has been a constant struggle to keep up or make an concept better than the other.

With Marvel’s recent announcement that they plan to wed two gay characters in next month’s issue of Astonishing X-Men, it should be no surprise that DC has an announcement of their own for the LGBT community. The face of LGBT at DC Comics has been Batwoman; the fiery red-head and former soldier  kicked out of the Army due to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, returns home to don the cape & cowl to fight crimes. But it won’t be enough to compete with Marvel’s big announcement, so what could DC have up its sleeve.

At Kapow Comics Convention in London over the weekend, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio was asked about the possibility of other DC Characters “coming out of the secret lair” due to the reboot. DiDio responded that he

“…was more interested in introducing new LGBT characters to the DC Universe than in rebooting old characters as gay or bisexual.”

But he did let slip that

“…the company’s about to re-introduce a previously straight character who will become “one of our most prominent gay characters” alongside the likes of Batwoman.”

So this clues us into the fact that the reboot of sexual orientation will not be for a prominent character in the DC Universe, i.e: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and etc. It may come from a character who will be making a reappearance in the universe after many years or one we haven’t seen  yet. Among the possible contenders could be: Martian Manhunter, Black Adam, Shazam! (aka Captain Marvel) and Hawkgirl. Of course they could just amp up Poison Ivy being a hardcore plant-lesbian, just sayin’.

Place your bets, and sit tight ’cause DC is keepin’ their lips sealed on the identity of the new LGBT character coming to DC.

Welcome to the New DC Universe, week 3.

Let’s review. Justice League #1 and the whole midnight launch was (in my humble opinion) and successful event to a somewhat underwelming comic book [read it here]. Week 2 lived up to some of my expectations, delivered some surprises (seriously can not wait for the next Animal Man and Men of War) and some disappointment (why OMAC, why?), if you recall the reviews it was a strong full week.[read it here] Lets be honest, so far the art in this reboot/relaunch has been phenomenal. Heck, I will even go so far as to say Rob Liefeld even managed to pump out a couple panels that didn’t make me question my faith in humanity (seriously Rob, do you have feet? can you see them?). I am excited for this week already.

I’m now all set to dive into 13 all new, all different, mostly familiar issues! Off the hop here I would like to thank my lovely wife for picking this weeks haul up from the fine and very helpful staff at 8th Street Comics & Books (alright people thats TWO free plugs… these have to pay out at some point). My early prediction is this week will fair less than the last. Sure we’ve got got some sure hits like Batman and Robin and Batwoman (finally), Green Lantern is either going to be awesome or a disaster. I think Mr. Terrific is, well terrific but can he hold his own book? How bad are Grifters’ allergies that he has to wear his hanky on his face. All That and more after I hammer through all 13 of these.

*play the musical interlude of your choice here*

Well, this weeks reads are good, not great, but good. I can see that I won’t be spending to much money this time next month. Sadly I didn’t find any huge break-out must reads in the stack. Superboy, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, Batwoman and, Legion Lost all preformed like they should. The ones to watch would be Suicide Squad, Resurrection man, Grifter, Demon Knights, and I will pity the fool that doesn’t give Mr. T(errific) a chance. Red Lanterns falls a bit flat and pass on Deathstoke and Frankenstein, you’ve read those already years ago under different titles.

Please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times and please don’t feed the Ambush Bug, we are bound for spoiler town. Here is the fast and dirty spoil infused reviews of this week in the new 52:


All right, big changes are coming to DC Universe in an effort to condense their ever-so-convoluted history and attract new readers with a simple and safe, #1. A lot of characters are getting new back stories, different histories, and some might not even exist anymore! Needless to say many, many comic book fans are freaking the fuck out. Unless you only woke up from a coma, like 20 minutes ago, you haven’t heard the apocalyptic news that DC is rebooting their universe. Well, reboot might not be a fair word. Relaunch? Revamp? Shake-up? Slight alteration  of everything just enough to piss off your die-hard fans? Yeah, it’s something like that.

Of course this isn’t the only time DC decided change was needed. There’s a reason we refer to certain eras in comics as ‘golden’ or ‘silver’, they predominately refer to differences in characters and stories as they reflect their time period. We’re entering a new age now and it’s exciting, thrilling and a little disconcerting.

Listed here, all in one handy post is every new #1 title beginning in September in the post-Flashpoint DCU. Their covers, their quick solicits and a few snarky comments from myself. I admit now I am no DC expert, just a fan. And there are going to be some books I’ll have little to say about, others I could probably devote an entire post to, but I’ll try an keep ’em short. If I don’t share the same concerns you do about a title or I just say little about your favorite new book please, please, please share your thoughts and feel free to contradict me in the comments section. On to the books!


Written by GEOFF JOHNS, art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS.

On sale AUGUST 31 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US RATED T • Combo pack edition: $4.99 US

Comics superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make history! In a universe where super heroes are strange and new, Batman has discovered a dark evil that requires him to unite the World Greatest Heroes! This spectacular debut issue is also offered as a special combo pack edition, polybagged with a redemption code for a digital download of the issue.

I think this sounds solid. We’re going to be introduced to our favorite heroes as younger, more inexperienced people and with the team of Johns and Lee, it’ll rock. They want to put their best foot forward with this book, this’ll be the title that introduces new fans to the core of DCU. It’s great to see Cyborg being included in such an iconic group, too. They’re starting out strong with their whole plan to diversify the DCU. We’ll just see how long that plan continues…