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You could see how badly Channing Tatum wanted to play Gambit back when he first started talking about wanting the role. Now that he’s got the studio behind him and a script in hand, you’d think the production would be moving forward faster than a humming-bird flaps its wings. You’d be wrong. It seems that Tatum and the studio can’t lock down a director. (more…)

It appears that Francis Lawrence is squeaking ahead of Bennett Miller for the director’s chair on the set The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, according to both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

It was reported earlier this week that Lawrence (I Am Legend) and Miller (Moneyball) had emerge as the two favorites for the film from a field that included Alfonso Cuarón, David Cronenberg, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Tomas Alfedson, Cary Fukunaga, and Duncan Jones. But now it seems that Lionsgate is leaning towards Lawrence, whose other credits include Constantine, Water for Elephants, and music videos for Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Green Day.

The gig, reportedly, is Lawrence’s if he wants it, and the clock is ticking. The big hiccup in the job for Hunger Games director Gary Ross before he quite was the tight timeline Lionsgate has planned for Catching Fire. With a release date of November 22, 2013 already penciled in, and the fact that Games series star Jennifer Lawrence will be required on the set of X-Men: First Class 2 in January, Catching Fire will probably have to start rolling by the end of summer if not before. That leaves director Lawrence about three to four months of prep time, which might be fine for him, seeing as how the only thing he has on his plate right now is a pilot called Gotham.

So I guess now the question is if Francis Lawrence is indeed the man to bring Catching Fire into theaters next fall. It’s a bit disappointing that we won’t be seeing the Cronenberg version of Catching Fire – not that there was much of a chance of that – but Lawrence is a perfectly serviceable director; his Constantine was rather enjoyable in spite of being really nothing like the Vertigo comic, and everyone raves about the first hour of I Am Legend. He could do a good job if the script is right.

But what do you Bastards think? Yay or nay on Lawrence?

Source: /Film