Beta Ray Bill


For many movie fans, especially when it comes to comic book movies, part of the fun in watching the films is searching for those Easter Eggs that are generally sprinkled from beginning to end. For the uninitiated, “Easter Eggs” refer to the hidden winks that movie makers put into movies as a way of tipping their hat to quick-eyed viewers. Remember how Captain America’s shield made a brief appearance in the first Iron Man movie back in 2008?: (more…)

These posts are becoming increasingly more autobiographical, mostly because I can’t figure out any other way to do them. Often when I write about a series or a trade paperback, I’m writing about it because I only recently absorbed it myself. I’m not really an expert. I’m just a guy devouring comics like they’ve got hidden vitamins inside (and hey, I’m betting they do). And because I’m not an expert, there are tremendous gaps in my reading. I mean huge, gobsmacking gaps the Hulk could bound through. For example, I haven’t read much of Chris Claremont’s legendary X-Men run, save for the Phoenix stuff and God Loves, Man Kills. I’m also still behind on Transmetropolitan; I’ve only conquered six of its volumes. And until this weekend, I had never read any of Walt Simonson’s character-defining run on The Might Thor. (more…)