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Everybody is weighing in with their thoughts on the new Deadpool movie.  Critics who caught early screenings are sending out mostly positive vibes, folks who were lucky enough to see sneak preview showings of the film seem to be extremely thrilled with it – and now celebs are starting to get into the mix.  Today on her Facebook page, the incomparable Betty White sounded off with a video sharing her thoughts on the movie as well; when a gal who’s literally older than sliced bread speaks about something, you’d better damn well listen. (more…)

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If you know what I mean… As in “she is more formidable than most with a 2-3 foot long blade.

“WTH did you think I meant?! You perverts are talking about my future wife! Not really, and I’m really quite sad about it. She’ll probably only be like a gilfriend/fling kinda thing…. Anyways, I’m a fan of anything that has a victorious Betty White and a dead B Arthur in it. Especially when it’s tied in to nerdy things i can relate to… “Uncle Ben NO!” Sorry, I have Star Wars shellshock. Enjoy these hilarious pics!



betty white

Andrew Zubko, of  “Batman vs. Shark” Net Fame was  commissioned by the Portland Mercury to draw on subjects picked by their readers through an online vote and use the final result as an epically hilarious work of sensationalism. I wonder however, about his drawing style. This seems very lackluster, and quickly thrown together, brilliantly of course, but not as perfect looking as Batman Vs. Shark. That picture looks like a gorgeously rendered piece of comic artwork, where this picture looks drawn by someone else.

I have a feeling Zubco is going to make huge Internet waves with his incredible talent and variety of deliciously snarky and odd work. Lets keep’em coming!

Also hit it here to see Batman Vs. Vader by f Dave Dorman. You decide which is more badass.

500x_betty-whiteOh goodness, Betty White. Is there a more fair, sexy, intellegent, sexy, funny, or sexy woman? I think not. In her hilarious visit to The Late Show with Craig Ferguson she discusses some of the Ipad’s better features. And her raging alcoholism?.. Just kidding, that wasn’t a question, she totally does. As well as throwing a few low blows to Toyota and Craig Ferguson. I just love saucy old women.. I don’t even know what that meant. I’m a little distracted. There’s a Golden Girls marathon on and typing with one hand is destroying my focus. I have to start pacing myself if I’m going to hold up through the marathon. Well, enough talk of my shameful masterbation rituals. Please enjoy!