Nothing says redundant, unnecessary, and unneeded like a beat-for-beat, (nearly) shot-for-shot remake of a beloved animated classic like the faux-live-action (re) iteration of Disney’s beloved, 1994 animated classic, The Lion King. Since its premiere twenty-five years ago, The Lion King has become a permanent pop-culture fixture, passed on from generation to generation as one of – if not, the – highlights of Disney’s animation renaissance. Like practically ever Disney film-turned –classic, it’s become a self-perpetuating brand of its own, expanding to straight-to-video sequels, animated TV series, and a Broadway musical that’s become the highest grossing musical of all time. In short, we didn’t need a faux-live-action remake of a classic, maybe just a re-release or even a big-screen, old school animated sequel. For the Disney Industrial Complex eager to exploit its back catalog of animated classics, a live-action (or faux-live-action) version of The Lion King was all but inevitable. Just because you can, though, doesn’t mean you should. The bland, dull, ultimately soporific result, however, suggests that for once, the Disney Industrial Complex erred badly. (more…)

As Disney continues their live-action remake trend, they are rolling out all the hits. Given the massive success of hits like The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast, Disney is in no mood to slow down. Next on their plate is a live-action remake of 1994 classic The Lion King. The new film will be directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man, The Jungle Book), the film will use the same cutting edge CGI technology used in The Jungle Book. The film also has already cast Donald Glover as Simba and James Earl Jones returning to his role of Mufasa. It looks like they possibly have found their Nala.



This is why we can’t have nice things Internet. First you take a site like The Daily Star, then throw an incredibly poorly written and researched post about a big star against the Internet and then just see what clicks. Seriously though, the ridiculous “Word Of The Day” making the Internet rounds is that Beyonce is in talks with Disney and Marvel to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a super heroine role in time for the next Avengers movie. I’ll give you a minute to stifle that fit of giggles that news should have generated. Once you’ve caught your breath, check out what roles The Daily Star thinks Beyonce might play. (more…)

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Above: The Skywalker Coat of Arms. Available as a shirt, here. But, umm, isn’t there like, somebody missing? Or was the Death Star really Darth Vader’s true love and I’ve been missing the clues?(Fashionably Geek)


Perfect, perfect, perfect! I am in love with how well this trailer mash-up works. As a child raised through the 90s, how could I not be a huge fan of both The Lion King and Batman (due to the celebrated animated series). Mashing the Disney classic with the audio from The Dark Knight Rises is genius work. (The Mary Sue)


All Of The Harry Potter Parodies You Could Ever Want

In honor of the fact that the last film in the Harry Potter franchise has finally arrived, we’ve got a compilation of HP-inspired parodies for y’all! You may have seen some of these videos featured on Nerd Bastards over the past few weeks, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have ’em all in one place.

“Stupefy You” is a parody of Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You”, by ThePitNYC. It’s pretty wacky!

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I’m on a roll with all the Harry Potter crack today! Ooh, I’ve reached my quota of crack jokes for the day… (Ironically, she does look like a crack whore at about 0:25 in the video below. And this is me being nice.)

All bitchiness aside, Mandy’s Harry Potter parody of Beyonce’s “Halo” is actually really well done and her singing isn’t too bad either. The dude hanging out in the background is a nice touch, though I’m not sure who it’s supposed to be… Nobody in the Harry Potter ‘verse has dark facial hair with beard except for Hagrid.

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