A nerd is someone who is “passionately obsessed with something”. Like board games, movies, video games, porn, and books.

… Hey, the Bible counts as a book! Book stores sell it — hell, even dollar stores carry it.

There isn’t much else to say other than that this video is a shockingly accurate portrayal of why religious nutjobs people are the extreme nerds ever — so extreme, it’s dangerous. It’s pretty fuckin’ hilarious; anything I’d have to say would be just me quoting the entire thing and nobody wants that.

So check it out for yourselves and be enlightened:

Source: College Humor

With a Bible and a Gun

Image by metallicamic via Photobucket

Image by metallicamic via Photobucket

Got some good old Catholic (or Jewish, or Baptist, or whatever) guilt about running over all those innocent pedestrians in GTA, but no time to go to church and beg for forgiveness? Xbox feels your pain!

Mediabistro says that in December, you can rock out with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (no, not the Beatles, dipshits) as you read the Holman Christian Standard Bible via your Xbox 360. Check out “Bible Navigator X” and for just $5, you can absolve your sins, treat leprosy and get tips on how to be … er… defeat the AntiChrist. If that’s not enough God for you, you can always put some Jars of Clay on in the background as you confess your virtual sins (macking on that hot avatar again?) before finding more zombie Nazis to kill.