Bill Finger

The name Bob Kane has been on everything associated with Batman since the Dark Knight’s creation in 1939. If you watch a Batman movie, read a Batman comic, or engage in anything Batman related, there would be Kane’s name, there to remind you of the one man that’s responsible for so many hours of joy. Except, there were two men. It’s taken over 75 years, but Batman’s co-creator has finally got his day, and he’s been receiving the recognition he so richly deserves. And now, the complicated history of Bill Finger, Kane, and Batman will be revealed in a new documentary called Batman and Bill (more…)

bob kane

In yet another turn of events that brings to light the problems with copyrights and creator’s rights, the man who could-have-maybe created Batman, Bob Kane, will be getting his own star on the Walk of Fame. This might be all fine and dandy, except the majority of what we today know as Batman isn’t exactly Kane’s creation. He just happens to be the guy that first came up with the name and, as things go, the real brain behind Batman, much like the character himself, remained in the shadows. (more…)

There’s a fantastic and endlessly entertaining degree of lunacy to a lot of the Golden Age comics. Today we look at them as relics, like cave paintings, the advancements that allow us to have all the nerd fun we have now. But reading them is a special kind of fun. Warren Ellis once likened it to reading the pulp magazines of the ’20s and ’30s. It’s not the most polished material, but it’s an endless barrage of imagination and energy, and even when the flaws and inconsistencies peek through, Golden Age comics at their best sometimes seem more vital than anything in the Modern Age.

World’s Best Comics is now World’s Finest Comics (and has been since the second issue), but we all know what we’re talking about here. It’s an anthology book featuring DC’s biggest heroes, which at the time we’re talking (1941) were Superman and Batman. The debut issue of the title featured an odd little Batman and Robin tale that put the Dynamic Duo on the trail of a murderous witch who’s made off with a mysterious manuscript.