Bill Skarsgard


Stephen King‘s 1986 horror novel, It has become an iconic figment of the horror genre, spanning literature, television and cinema. It has tapped into one of the west’s most common phobias with the shapeshifting antagonist taking the insidious and terrifying form of Pennywise the clown as it preys on the people of Derry, leaving a string of unsolved murders, disasters and abductions scattered throughout the small town’s history. The ability to shapeshift into anyone’s greatest fear and the supernatural ability to remain a mystery to the townsfolk have made It one of the most consistently voted scariest creatures in film and pop culture. (more…)


Back in July we got a first look at Bill Skarsgard in his Pennywise the clown makeup, now we’ve got a look at the full costume thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Emmy winning costume designer Janie Bryant (Deadwood, Madmen) has certainly delivered a costume and look that will get fans talking. Are you ready to revisit that clown that scared the crap out of you back in the day? (more…)


Warner Bros. has found their clown in Bill Skarsgard (Hemlock Grove) for the two-part remake of Stephen King‘s fantastically horrific It. Now some might be asking themselves what happened to Bill Poulter, wasn’t he in line to go white-face? When director Cary Fukunaga (Beasts of no Nation) left the production over creative differences last year, it looks like the new director Adres Muschietti (Mama) wanted his own stamp of approval for the role. (more…)