Billy Hanshaw


I thought it was pretty cool when Roger Federer sported his fan-designed racket in Toronto’s Rogers Cup awhile back. You see that sort of thing in sports pretty often where Fan Appreciation Day’s get lots of creative exercise. I’m a moderate sports fan, and less so the older I get. But my love of geekdom is rampant. That’s why I’m halfway jealous of the awesome feeling one fan got when his opening credits design for the new Doctor Who season was made official. That’s right, Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor will get a brand-spanking-new intro when the season premieres in a few days. There was no contest held; no call to any effects designers to offer submissions. This is all the result of one dedicated fan who just loves the show. And the show’s head honcho loved him in return. (more…)


The BBC continues to shove its fingers into the Internet dike that is spraying Doctor Who leaks and threatens to flood the whole series. First is was scripts, now it’s a rough cut video of the first episode! What next, we get leaks from the Doctor Who movie? Many of you might be worried about spoilers, but we’re gonna be careful to not reveal anything and won’t be posting the video here. We do have a fan made opening that is said to be part of the inspiration for this season’s opening credits. (more…)