Writer’s Note: This article got lost in the depths of our draft folder, but we’ve found the piece and are publishing it to give the (albeit late) review Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey deserves. 

Let’s start this review with the obvious, already overdone main point: Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is not a very good Assassin’s Creed game. Not a bad game, mind you, but a game almost wholly uninterested and unattached the the previous adventures and lore of older Assassin’s Creed stories.

Now, onto the review, shall we?

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is technically the twelfth installment of this sprawling series, releasing on October 5th and quickly becoming a hot topic among gamers. Some are upset about its departure from its roots and its leveling obstacles. Others marvel at its open world experience and RPG adventuring. But, trying to be as objective as possible, what is Odyssey?


When fans held a rousing internet roast for Sonic The Hedgehog’s movie design, almost no one would have guessed the studio’s response. Merely a few days after the full trailer release, Paramount Animations revealed they were planning to do a full redesign before the movie came out. Horrifyingly, that’s only a short 6 months away. And considering how much time will go to finishing production, it’ll likely be even less for the poor artists on the project.

Just from a pop culture standpoint, this was met with an uproarious amount of people saying that they’re sad Paramount is trying to fix the shit movie they were excited to see. All the memes that will never see the light of day truly breaks any internet troll’s heart. 


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J-Estacado must really love the work of famed pin-up artist Gil Elvgren, so much so that he made his own tribute piece to Gil with DC Comics Zatanna in place of Gil’s girls. He really nails it too, right down to the black negligee she has on in the tribute piece. Now that’s some real magic. [Nudity and Nerdery]

Hit the jump for the abominable snowman, puppies in costumes and moar.

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ABOVE: TARDIS liquor cabinet. Take a few shots, and I’m sure it will look “bigger on the inside” [TDWGeek]


In the wake of one of the biggest potential riots in gaming history, BioWare has officially issued a statement to address fans’ concerns that the endings to their Mass Effect 3 game sucks balls.

The recent turmoil has resulted in complaints, name-calling and a social media campaign aimed at rallying support to get Mass Effect’s creators to “fix” the game.  One individual even went so far as to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, stating that BioWare used false advertising regarding the ending to their widely popular trilogy.

Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder of BioWare, posted his statement on the official game-studio blog, telling fans that those at the company were looking into the complaints and planned to address them in some, as-of-yet unspecified way.

Highlights of the statement include Muzyka’s claims that:

“…Exec Producer Casey Hudson and the team are hard at work on a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey.”


“This is in addition to our existing plan to continue providing new Mass Effect content and new full games…”

While this is a little vague in terms of what BioWare actually plans to do, they have promised another statement sometime in April that will go into more detail.  Whether this means that they’re going to add a new ending that fans won’t cry about remains to be seen.

Can BioWare really balance the integrity of their creation, the hard work of its creators and the self-obsessed needs of the fans and still come out smelling like roses?  Will they simply cave in to the demands of their disgruntled fans?  Should people just suck it up and enjoy what the company has made instead of trying to re-write it to please themselves?

In essence, does Mass Effect 3 actually need a new ending, or are those fans just being a bunch of whiney bitches?


To read the full statement, cruise over to or just head directly to BioWare’s blog.

Right now I’m guessing you’re sitting at work, twiddling your thumbs, trying you damndest to look busy but you just can’t. You’ve got one thing and one thing only on your mind: kickin’ reaper ass and taking Earth back. That’s right, tomorrow, or for some 12am tonight, Mass Effect 3 releases.

In the meantime we’ve got some very pretty trailers to stop you from staring at the clock for a little while. First is the official launch trailer followed by the first cinematic trailer but this time with 100% more FemShep!

Fuck yeah, FemShep! (How much do you wanna bet there’s already a Tumblr for that? Well, you’d be right.)

We won’t be hearing much from anyone playing ME3 until they finish the game. So please, if you have any loved ones who will be getting a copy of ME3, tell ’em you love them now, who knows when you’ll be able to talk or see them again.

Sources: Geekologie, The Mary Sue

If you were watching the Oscars last night, kick yourself right now since you missed this. A new live action trailer for BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 premiered during The Walking Dead. Wait, this is a video game? I wish it was a movie or a TV show so I could watch it. Hell, I wish it was a woman so I could make sweet love to her and then afterwards we’d drink beer and get a pizza, maybe play some video games ’cause she would be just that damn cool.

Hit the jump to watch it for yourself.


Bioware is one of those companies that can make a good game. This NerdBastard is not to sure about the Kinect connection yet. Watch the video and come to your own conclusion but this NerdBastard thinks this is going to break up a lot of relationships and make a lot of roommates angry. You see the player has to yell out to change items or commit actions. So you might want to sleep but your husband or roommate is yelling:

Shotgun . . . SHOTGUN!!!


Carnage . . . CARNAGE!!!

Or maybe your playing the game and your roommate is talking on the phone and your suddenly changing weapons or running backwards. Sounds like it might be confusing and annoying, but that’s just this old NerdBastard’s opinion.



Over the course of the last 48 hours, thousands of gamers were given access to an exclusive beta weekend event for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This MMO game has been in development by Edmonton, Alberta, Canada based BioWare since 2008 and next month it finally hits shelves. With the final bugs getting picked over with a fine tooth comb players have heavily tested this game, sending their own feedback for final edits to the game play…and Nerd Bastards was part of it all.

The game is set 300 years after the events set during the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series and more than 3,500 years before the events in the Star Wars films, plenty of space to form new story lines and expand on past history. You start the game by choosing to be either a Jedi, Sith Lord, alien, bounty hunter, 0r smuggler.  As either the Chiss, Humans, Cyborgs, Miralukas, Mirialans, Rattatakis, Sith Purebloods, Twi’leks or Zabrak species (based on alignment) you’re placed right at the beginning of a new conflict between the Sith and the Jedi Knights.

Click the jump for everything from intergalactic races to game play.


Welcome to the first edition of a new weekly column at Nerd Bastards, Web Series Wednesday. Here we’ll feature a new a web series every week (Well, we’ll try every week. We’re pretty lazy.) for your viewing pleasure. There could be chat shows, dramas, comedies maybe even a video podcast (Vodcast?). Basically, we’re hoping to share with you some of the great content the web has to offer that isn’t funny cat videos. But if someone made a great web series about funny cat videos you better believe you’ll learn about it here.

We’ll also be open to suggestions, so please, share with us some of your favorite web series below in the comments.

All right, for week one I chose Dragon Age Redemption. I know, some of you might be groaning, “Ugh, but that, like, just came out! It’s too new!” In fact this is exactly why I’m starting here. See, Dragon Age Redemption is the future of the web series. You can still find shows filmed with a cell phone in someone’s backyard, and believe me we’ll be looking to feature those shows too, but Dragon Age Redemption proves how far web content has come. Not only is it a series set in the world of a very popular video game series, it’s actually produced with help from the game’s own studio, Bioware. In addition to helping produce the series, Bioware also created new downloadable game content featuring Redemption‘s’ main character. This strategy of tying an original web series into a well establish video game series is a great example of the power of web content. Most importantly, it’s FREE! But I’m sure a pretty penny was made come the end of the day. I can guarantee more people downloaded the Mark of the Assassin DLC, or hell, even went out and bought Dragon Age II because they liked what they saw in Redemption.

Redemption follows the journey of an Elven assassin  known as “Tallis0” whose also a Qunari slave. In Qunari society there are no names, only titles. She’s sent on a mission to track and capture an escaped mage, Saarebas. Tallis is eventually joined by a templar knight, a Daelish Elf mage and a mercenary reaver. Those who’ve played any of the Dragon Age games, or any RPG for that matter, will find their little group’s dynamic familiar. The series unfolds as if you were watching a friend’s Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

The finale episode of the six part series premiered yesterday on Youtube, on Machinima‘s account to be exact, and an obvious factor in this series’ success is Felicia Day. She’s arguably the queen of the web series, acting in several and producing the web’s most famous series, The Guild. Whether you love her or hate her, you cannot deny the huge impact she’s had in developing web content into a viable market. I don’t think Bioware would have wasted their time with a web series if Day hadn’t proved the mediums popularity as well as profitability.

Day wrote and stars in the series as Tallis and it’s a fun departure from the awkward, geeky girl she often portrays. In Redemption she gets to kick some major ass, and fans of the Dragon Age series shouldn’t worry, the plentiful violence you’re accustomed to is here. Joining Day as Saarebas is Doug Jones. Your probably very familiar with Jones’ work but you might not be able to pick ’em out of a police line-up. Jones has played Abe Sapien, the Angel of Death and the Chamberlainin the Hellboy flicks as a well as El Fauno and The Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth. Basically, if you need a tall, skinny dude who doesn’t seem to mind 8+ hours in a make-up chair, Jones is your dude. And in Redemption he’s in some stellar make-up. He’s cool and menacing, and a villain you can’t help but have a little sympathy for. In the role of the reaver, Nyree is Marcia Battise and I think she’s the standout of the whole cast. She plays her reaver as dangerous and sassy, and her smarmy Brit accent perfectly suits the character. After watching her I want to make a reaver character but I don’t believe this is an available character class in any Dragon Age game. Damn. Come on, Bioware, deliver!

Watch the first episode of the six-part series below, complete with links to the following episodes, and let us know what you think. Were you impressed with Redemption’s effects (CGI, costumes, and make-up)? Can you notice ways in which their slightly larger than normal web series budget payed off? Would you like to see more from this series’, further Tallis adventures maybe?

Remember to recommend other series we should feature here in Web Series Wednesday!