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It’s been a rough ride for the upcoming Inhumans movie lately. From rumors that Marvel Studios was pulling the plug, to the denial of those rumors, to being pushed even further to the back of Marvel’s production slate, all the Inhumans we’re going to get for the next five years is going to be on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. apparently. In the meantime though, one actor is going to keep the flame alive, an actor that has a pre-existing connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You know that Vin Diesel‘s been looking at playing King Black Bolt in the Inhumans movie, and now he’s showing off his mad Black Bolt skills. (more…)

Vin Diesel Continues To Tease Something Inhuman

Are You Inhuman?

It is no secret that Vin Diesel likes teasing his fans with potential future film roles via social media. Thusly, ever since Guardians of the Galaxy went into pre-production, Diesel was constantly dropping hints that he was having meetings with Marvel. This led to numerous websites, blogs, and fans speculating as to which character he could possibly be in discussions to play within the Marvel Universe – and in particular, Guardians of the Galaxy, with the role eventually turning out to be Rocket Racoon’s partner in crime Groot. (more…)


It looks like this is the phase of Marvel Studios development where they’re going to strut. After Guardians of the Galaxy proved that a comic book based on an out-there concept couldn’t just be turned into a competent film, but the smash hit of summer with all audiences, Marvel looks ready to push again by finishing a script based on a bunch of characters even more out there than the Guardians, the Inhumans. Are movie-goers ready for a trip to the Blue Area of the Moon, and a peek at the Terrigen Mist? We’re about to find out as Marvel has indeed completed a draft for The Inhumans. (more…)

Marvel Working on Inhumans Movie


Marvel‘s might movie machine is just ramping up and up, with an amazing number of movies in development over the next few years!

In a surprising move, it appears that Marvel is planning a movie based on The Inhumans, a race of early humans that were experimented on by aliens called the Kree and given amazing powers.

According to Badass Digest (via It’s On the Grid), it would be a team film similar to the X-Men, but some details would likely be changed for the movie.

Aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don’t want to cause war.

The Inhumans are a race of superbeings who live on the dark side of the Moon; they were created by the alien Kree millions of years ago in experiments on primitive humans.

The main characters of The Inhumans are the king, Black Bolt (who cannot speak, for his voice is a destructive force), his wife Medusa (prehensile hair), Karnak (who can analyze and determine people’s weaknesses) and Gorgon (generates seismic shockwaves by stamping his feet).

No release date was given, as it has yet to be confirmed, but based on the success of The Avengers and the Skrulls, this could usher in a whole new world (see what I did there?) of Marvel franchises.

What do you think of this decision?


Every now and then, news comes to light that just makes you smile from ear to ear. And, luckily for us, some of that just happens to be in this post.

According to, Marvel is planning to introduce audiences to some of the characters from their cosmic universe (aka not Earth) in The Avengers for use future movies.