Blair Witch


I remember riding home from the movie theatre on my bike one warm July evening in 1999. I had seen The Blair Witch Project, and I was more than a little aware of my surroundings in an above average capacity. There were no woods along my route home, but let’s be honest, danger can come from anywhere, to anyone, even three kids shooting a movie in rural Maryland. I’ve always considered one’s ability to buy what The Blair Witch Project was selling as directly tied to how well their imagination could stretch, but no matter how elastic something is, it must inevitably snap back. To wit: Blair Witch. (more…)


The year was 1999. Buffy the Vampire Slayer let us enjoy high school hell, *NSYNC and Britney Spears ruled the radio, and the country looked forward to the sane and sensible presidency of Al Gore. Then we started hearing about three college students that went missing in rural Maryland, and how their film footage was found in the woods and edited together into something called The Blair Witch Project and how it was going to allegedly scare our pants off. Well get ready to party like its 1999 because the upcoming Lionsgate film The Woods was revealed last night at San Diego Comic Con to be Blair Witch, the second sequel to the Project. (more…)