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The CW might as well change it’s name to “The DC” if this trends keep going the way they are. Bleeding Cool is hearing that Warner Bros has another DC Comics property warming up in the bullpen, which is already pretty full with series based on The Flash, Hourman and iZombie all warming up. So will there be room on the network schedule for a live-action Young Justice? (more…)


It was pretty big, and timely, news the other week when Bleeding Cool reported a rumor that the BBC had unearthed some old episodes of Doctor Who including classic storylines like Dad’s Army, Morecambe And Wise, and The Sky At Night. But did someone jump the gun when they talked to Bleeding Cool?

An official source with the BBC told Bleeding Cool that, yes, they have. Philip Fleming, Head of Communications, Brands, Content & Digital, BBC Worldwide told BC’s Rich Johnston:

There are always rumours and speculation about Doctor Who missing episodes being discovered, however we cannot confirm any new finds.

Well that’s the end of that right? Not to fast, Bleeding Cool ran a follow-up to the follow-up that seemed to indicate that the BBC may have been fibbing a little as to just how much this rumor is not-true. Indeed one reformed naysayer, an archivist named Ian Levine, tweeted that “I am so f***ing speechless, I have no idea how I am going to sleep tonight. I was utterly wrong, but I was lied to, yes barefaced lied to.”

He then tweeted further that, “I have just seen ‘three tons’ of evidence that tells me it’s all true. Saying no more. Apart from I now believe it again.” He then responded to a follower saying, “I’ve just been given proof that backs up the entire story,from 2011. So yes I now really believe he has found 90 missing episodes.”

The reference to “three tons” of footage was a  2011 report about a huge shipment of old BBC footage from several shows from the 60s, up-to and including Doctor Who. From the original article:

I work at a regional branch of a large international logistics company. On Tuesday morning a customer called in to collect a box sent from Zambia via Nigeria containing BBC tapes and 16″ films, supposedly for returning to the archives. The guy apparently said (I didn’t serve him myself) that the box contained recovered 60s material including episodes of Doctor Who (the only programme he mentioned by name, it seems) and that we’d be hearing all about it before the end of the year. Naturally I was keenly excited, particularly given that this seemed to suggest a major find, but, having encountered neither box nor customer myself, I couldn’t pursue the matter directly. I’ve checked the paperwork but I can’t fathom why BBC archive stuff would be addressed to a Merseyside address, especially one where the company name given doesn’t match the stated premises or postcode (hence why we couldn’t deliver the box and the customer had to fetch it himself). Then again, the shipper may have just cocked up the address slightly, it’s all perfectly kosher and I’m just fretting inappropriately. After all, the customer did say all would be revealed in time.

So don’t discount the possibility that there may be some found Doctor Who out there. This year would be the perfect time to unleash some lost then found Who and obviously the BBC is going to let those punks at Bleeding Cool ruin the surprise.

More news as it develops.


A lot of people are focused on who’s going to be in front of the camera on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but what about who’s behind it.

Well one interesting name that’s come up is Brian Muir, and if you don’t know the name you’ve definitely seen his work. Muir is a sculptor who’s been used in several sci-fi and fantasy movies to create props and costumes. Amongst his credits are Darth Vader’s mask and chest plate in the original Star Wars, the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Space Jockey from Alien. He’s also worked on the Harry Potter films, The Dark Crystal, The Princess Bride and most recently, Snow White and the Huntsman. So this guy knows his $#!%.

Well, Bleeding Cool has learned that Muir has just been signed up to work on the upcoming Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. Muir was recently working on Thor: The Dark World, and was apparently asked to stick around for Guardians. Considering Muir’s background, Bleeding Cool tried to find out if Muir was working on Star Lord’s mask, but they were “given the run around.” But what they did learn, however was that “there’s something of a Star Wars vibe to the plans for Guardians.”

Well at least they went to the source to accomplish it.

More news as it develops.

Source: Comic Book Movie

There are certain  pop culture creations that people shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, such as: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Super Mario, Star Wars, and so on; it seems that not everyone got the memo when it came The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While some may see the last few antics of changing the Turtles into Aliens as a great “marketing tool”, a consensus of angry nerds would happily tell you that “marketing” is a bunch of malarcky. When Bay announced that the turtles we all know and love would be “from an alien race,” in his film adaptation of the TMNT franchise due to release in a year, made all involved across the board chime in.

From TMNT creators  Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, and various actors involved in the franchise in the past managed to get Bay and Liebesman feathers all ruffled with their immediate response being “take a breath, and chill.” Well, I guess you all should take his advice ’cause there is another set of rumors ready to be validated that are gonna make you made in every type of way. You ready?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film adaptation, will supposedly be called Ninja Turtles, which means that the characters will not be teens and (blasphemy in 3…2..1) may not be pizza hungry fiends! Bleeding Cool has this to say on the title change:

“We haven’t been able to get a definite statement as to why this title change is occurring, and our sources are not 100% clear on whether or not the Turtles will indeed be adolescents. One of our sources has said: “It seems to be driven by marketing. Think of John Carter and how Disney wouldn’t allow for a title with either “Princess” or “Mars.”

Just to cast a friendly reminder,  John Carter bombed in the box-office because of all the changes it made to a well known and iconic story line, so why is Michael Bay choosing to repeat an obviously proven mistake? Maybe ’cause he’s a fool, look at how long it took to get a decent Transformers movie out of that guy. Here is a simple and well proven saying that should be used in all situation like this: “If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it.”


Much Ado About Watchmen Two

If you have twitter, you might have noticed that Watchmen 2 was trending globally today. Yes, they are talking about it again. No matter how hard I wish they weren’t, they are. The ‘they’ here is Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool and the spark that started this blaze is his unconfirmed unofficial, unsubstantiated, and, unwanted information that Andy Kubert is drawing one of four Watchmen prequel miniseries. He calls his source reliable and to be honest when you read something on Bleeding Cool, it’s usually bang on. This adds to the list of other alleged people involved, including Darwyn CookeJ. Michael Straczynski,  John Higgins, JG Jones and yes, even Dave Gibbons.

Ok, get out the giant ass grain of salt for a second, since Johnston had reported Watchmen news before and as far as I can tell, he is still the only one with this inside line. DC has made no comments on this, and really, would you? The nerd rage this causes is mountainous and dangerous.

That being said, with DC’s reinventing itself and doing anything and everything to bring in new readers, I will not be surprised if they are planning this. Maybe it becoming a trending topic will force their hand on saying if there is any truth to this?

Oh, and about the twitter deal. Comic Alliance’s “totally true Watchmen 2 facts” is a great crash course some of the funnier ones (heh. Rorschach 2) and one chilling discovery. Rob Liefeld almost makes sense.

Could Watchmen 2 maybe work? If it’s done well with high caliber talent and respect for the original? Have I just incited more nerd rage and fueled the geek fires of anger?



Before you run me out of town with pitchforks and torches, I still think a prequel/sequel to the Watchmen is a bad idea.