Spartacus: Gods of the Arena premiered last Friday with all the blood, gore, and gloriously sweaty full frontal nudity that any geeky fan boy or girl could want.  The opening retells the all too deserved death of Batiatus at the hands of Spartacus, thus ending the first season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  As Batiatus lays next to his wife dieing, his minds eye flashes back to the days before Spartacus, the days where the Gods of the Arena ruled his world.

While Batiatus at the edge of death dreams of days long gone we the viewer are treated to the opportunity to see many of the cast before we knew them, the chance to see that tipping point that drove the characters into those we loved to love, or hate in Blood and Sands.

If you are in need of a new drinking game for your party friends just play Spartacus: Cock and Drink. Every time a character says the word “cock” everyone drinks.  Last one standing after the episode wins.  First one that falls gets the magic marker treatment.

Overall this opening episode for Gods of the Arena was a great starting point.  Bring on the blood, the sweat, and the Merkins!

Couple of interesting things I noticed:


I love Spartacus Blood and Sand.  I liked the fighting, I liked the outrageously huge blood splurts, I liked the full frontal nudity, I even liked hearing about Lucy Lawless‘s merkin.  What?  You don’t know what merkin is?  Google it!  Pretty sweet huh?

OK, back to Spartacus.  I was pretty bummed out for Andy Whitfield when his cancer returned and he had to put his career on hold.  (Nerdbastards thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Andy!)  Starz had no choice but to cancel the show or recast the role.  With the shows popularity it was pretty much a no brainer to move on and recast.  Now the question is how will this affect the show?  Will is be as obvious and unforgettable as the Darren switch in Bewitched, or forgettable like the Jimmy Olsen switch in Louis and Clark?  (Didn’t know about that one did ya?  One nerd point for me.?

From the Daily Blam:

Word from Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht is that they will going through with the second season and are close to recasting the lead role of Spartacus. According to Michael Aussiello, Liam McIntyre may be cast in the starring role. At the Television Critics Association Albrecht said:

“This will be the official second season, which picks up where we last left Spartacus and his gang of escaped gladiators. We don’t have casting news for you today, but the reason that we are announcing the official moving ahead is because we’re very confident that where we are in the casting process will result in finding a lead actor who can ably step into Spartacus’ sandals, although we will never be able to truly replace Andy Whitfield.”

That one’s for you Nerdbastard ladies.  Well, Liam certainly has the physique for it.  Now we just have to wait and see if his acting is as well toned.

The second part of Starz announcement is that Lucretia played by Lucy Lawless, will be returning to the second season!  Executive producer and writer Steven S. DeKnight says, “What we have planned for Lucretia in season two makes season one and the prequel pale in comparison to what she’s up to in season two.” So Lucretia survives that vicious slicing she received from Crixus in the season finale.  Does she lose Crixus’s baby?  Oh, I can see some vengeance and blood in her future if that’s the case.  Or even better, what if she AND the baby survive?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  But fear not faithful Spartacus lovers.  In the meantime we have Spartacus: Gods of the Arena to tide us over!


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More Star Wars goodness! Yay!

Most of us will agree that nerds have hearts of gold. We may geek out on weird stuff, but we’re first in line when it comes to being compassionate to others. The official Star Wars blog reports that members of the Queensland chapter of the famed 501st Legion dressed in their finest “holy trilogy” (“sixology?”) gear and donated  blood that will help a ton of patients. Better yet, this is a regular thing! For this, happily salutes the 501st. Carry on, troops, carry on.