Looking back on “In Memoriam,” it was an interesting departure considering that our titular hero was almost completely benched, but it left so many questions unanswered… Seriously, where was Bo? What happened to Tamsin? Who was the Wanderer? When did having Jubilee powers count as a genuine fae ability? By comparison, “Sleepy Beauty School” went by at break neck speed. Bo is back! (“Succubus on a Train.”) Tamsin was found-ish. And we get our first look at the much feared Una mens, and damn, I can understand now why every fae was $#!%ing bricks. (more…)

‘Lost Girl’ Precap – The Ceremony


With the Dawning getting closer, Bo’s preparation reaches a critical phase, but she can’t even catch a good luck cricket blindfolded, so what is an unaligned succubus to do? Take a break, of course. And then Lauren stops by with exciting news, she’s getting a big science award that night after the previously announced recipient was found the author of some dodgy science (as Lauren always knew he would be.) But for Bo it’s not so easy to get away to a fancy awards banquet, especially when Tamsin arrives at the Dal to say “we need to talk.”

At a Dark Fae bar (for a change), Tamsin tells Bo straight-up: her friends are blowing sunshine up her perfectly toned butt telling her she’ll be fine because The Dawning is pretty much the worst thing she’ll ever go through times a thousand. But before that news can truly sink in, one of the Dark Fae patrons starts trouble. Bo notices someone trying to get her attention at the back of the bar, and after a quick brawl, Bo and Tamsin follow him out.

We’re introduced to Balzac, a Spriggan Fae to whom you’re indebted to until you payback their favor, and by indebted we mean you literally can’t get rid of them no matter how hard you try. Bo agrees to help him, and Tamsin, for some reason, decides to tag along. Meanwhile, back at the Dal, Trick and Stella’s first date comes to an end when Bo’s invitation to the Dawning is delivered, not on paper, but in the form of a bizarre device that has to be piloted by Bo’s closest blood relative, meaning Trick.

And Balzac’s favor? Bo has to help him free a young Fae named Hannah from the Dark Fae encampment Brazenwood, and return her to the Demetrius School for Higher Learning, a special school for Fae (like the X-Men?). The scavenger hunt includes a meeting with a man named Mr Fang to get a fortune cookie, which is then read to a Tarot card reader in order to get a prescription, and that’s before Bo and Tamsin even step foot in Brazenwood, a place that operates according to its own rules (naturally).

Once in Brazenwood, Bo and Tamsin are able to find Hannah, a type of Fae known as a Squonk, whose tears make for a very potent and expensive drug. But when Bo and Tamsin find her and free her, the fae that’s holding her prisoner draws Bo into a game of quick draw, Brazenwood’s sheriff and his six shooter and Bo and her knife. Bo manages to overcome the sheriff’s ability to duplicate himself by killing the sheriff before he could sneak up and kill her from behind. The mission successful, Trick and Stella share a kiss at the Dal, which makes Bo and Tamsin share a kiss in the field.

When Bo returns to the Dal she discovers that yes, she has successfully completed her mission to get the invitation to The Dawning, and there was a delightful explosion of streamers, confetti and noise from the invitation itself to prove it. Even Tamsin has reason to celebrate and let’s herself experience a rare smile, but outside the Dal she finds a Tarot card, The Wanderer, the same card that caused so much discomfort when it was drawn at Brazenwood. “Please tell me she’s not the one,” Tamsin says regretfully.

Uh-oh. I guess The Dawning is not the end of Bo’s problems. But it is her problem this week, so let’s get into the precap.

1) What the…? – The episode kicks off with happy news. Bo and Dyson are living together in a beautiful and exquisitely lit home somewhere, and Bo announces that she’s pregnant. Whoa, say what?

2) Case of the Week – As you may have guessed, this could be a part of Bo’s Dawning ritual. Our succubus heroine does indeed enter the temple this week to face the challenges of The Dawning. We’ll tread carefully this week because what happens in The Dawning is spoiler-filled. But if you’ve seen “Restless,” the season four finale of Buffy, you might have some idea as to what to expect.

3) How Stella Stomped on Your Groove – Bo’s teacher in the ways of The Dawning seems to go off the deep end this week. First, she insists that Bo feed on a “model buffet” of nubile humans to power up for The Dawning, but Bo refuses to feed on and kill innocents. Later, Stella tells Kenzi what happens to human companions of Fae once their “owners” die. Let’s just say Stella does not have a friend in Kenzi.

4) What’s Everyone Else Up To? – Trick and Bo have a nice moment together before The Dawning, Lauren comes to support Bo despite last week’s social mishap, and Dyson makes an unusual request on Bo’s behalf. Tamsin also appears at one point during the episode.

5) Secrets Revealed – Let’s just say Dyson’s ballpark age isn’t the only thing Bo learns this week.

6) Who’s That Guy? – When Bo enters the temple, we meet The Caretaker, who is played by Canadian actor Ron Lea. Recognize him? You should. He’s guest starred on a number of Canadian shot genre series like Supernatural, Smallville and  Mutant X, as well as having appeared in films like Punisher: War Zone and Saw IV.

7) Name That Tune – A certain Dion song makes a rather ominous appearance, and you can probably guess what that is if you saw last week’s epsiode. Here’s a hint: it’s been covered by The Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, and Mel Gibson.

8) Burning Questions – “Is that brand name liquor?” “The Dawning couldn’t have sprung for a different bar?” “Is this some kind of suicide mission?” “When are you going to learn to play by the rules?”

9) How Does It End? – “Not him.”

NEXT WEEK: A Fae serial killer, hints of Tamsin’s past, and Linda Hamilton?! Yes, that Linda Hamilton.


Last week, Bo was greeted to her first official challenge on her way to the Dawning, a Fae right of passage with will either let her pass to the next level of Fae maturity, or leave her a scavenging UnderFae relegating her to a life of being locked in a cage in the dungeon under the Dal.

Assistance comes from a Lode Star Fae named Stella, who Trick summons to help Bo prepare, starting with a return trip home to her human foster parents where Bo will have to make peace with her past before confronting her future. Bo takes a road trip to her hometown Grimsley with the newly unkidnapped Kenzi, who, despite her protests, could use the country air. But Bo’s return home turned out to be not only limited to her human issues.

It turns out Grimsley is haunted by Lady Polly, an UnderFae who attacks when people are caught in the dreamy sunlight haze of midday. Bo, who was known as Beth in her Grimsley days, helped summon Polly with a group of friends when she was in high school, oddly enough on the same night Bo fed as a succubus for the first time, killing her boyfriend Kyle. The two incidents are kind of unrelated, but on the night Kyle died, all the friends left town with the exception of poor Dougie, who’s stayed in town for the last decade trying to put Polly back in the bottle on his own.

Polly, having been reawakened by the group of friends all returning to town for the first time, is out to finish the job, but Bo and Kenzi with Dougie’s help are able to trap Polly again by putting her down the local well.

With Lady Polly no longer feeling well (Kenzi’s pun!), Bo dealt with the business that brought her to Grimsley in the first place. Her adoptive father long dead, Bo’s adoptive mother now suffers from dementia, which has more or less rendered her once vicious, puritanical human mother to a complete June Cleaver makeover. Despite her original desire to tear a strip off mommy dearest, Bo instead tells her instead that, “I can’t hate you anymore, and I’m done hating myself.”

In other news, Trick and Dyson have a little secret sharing time. Trick clues into the fact the Dyson has his love back, and Dyson, ever the gentleman, assures that he has no desire to get between Bo and Lauren. Trick points out that humans have significantly shorter lifespan than Fae, which means that Bo and Dyson may have their time yet. Meanwhile, we learn that Trick is kind of sweet on Stella. I guess everyone wins by bringing Stella onto Team Bo.

In the end, Bo confronts Kenzi with the question of the hour: exactly what was everyone’s favorite sidekick doing at the Norn’s when she spilled the essence of Kitsune on her arm?

And that brings us to this week’s episode, “Fae-ge Against The Machine.” But before we dive into the precap, I’ve learned that Sy-Fy has followed suit with Showcase and renewed Lost Girl for season four. Good news for all the fae-natics out there State’s side. And now, on with the precap.

1) If at First You Don’t Succeed… – The episode opens with Stella putting Bo through her paces. In this new round of Dawning training, Bo has to capture a lucky cricket while blindfolded. Naturally, this is not as easy as it sounds. Bo’s gonna need all the luck she can get because…

2) The Case of the Week – Bo’s official invite to the Dawning arrives. On really fine stationary from a thousand year old Staples Print & Copy? Hardly, the invitation to the Dawning is a wacky, steam punk-looking Rube Goldberg like contraption that Bo’s closest blood relative has to use to help her navigate the challenge to complete the invitation. Trick steps up to work all the levers, pullies, and looking glasses as Bo plays out the game in the field.

3) Little Help? – As Trick works the machine at the Dal, Bo gets a helpful sidekick in this adventure in Tamsin (Kenzi, apparently, puts out too much human interference for the purposes of Bo’s training). Tamsin takes Bo out for lunch to lay some truth on her, despite what the others are telling her, the Dawning is “the most brutal thing you’ll go through plus infinity.” So does that mean Tamsin is warming to our succubus heroine? Let’s just say the answer’s a definite “Yes, uh-oh” by the end of the episode.

4) Beware of Handshake Deals – After having a drink at a Dark Fae bar, Bo and Tamsin meet Balzac, a Spriggan Fae who commits you to one favor as payback for their help once you shake their hand, and by commit, we mean you can’t get rid of them till you do them a solid. Balzac’s favor is a trip to Brazenwood, a sort of Dark Fae frontier town with it’s own sense of lawless rule-making. Bo and Tamsin have to rescue Hannah, a Squonk Fae with an unusual and financially lucrative ability.

5) Doctor, Doctor – Lauren pops into the Dal to let Bo know that she’s being given a big award at a banquet that night. The last minute notification came after the original recipient was found to be the author of some dodgy science (as Lauren always knew), so Bo’s favorite Doc gets the prize instead. The news makes Lauren giddy, even concocting the celebrity couple nickname “Bolo” for he and her girlfriend, but their fabulous night out was not meant to be. Of course, Bo gets sidelined with the quest, but Lauren is introduced to an admired colleague, Dr. Taft. Why is this significant? Taft is played by Shawn Doyle, a well-known and respected Canadian actor recently of the Showcase series Endgame and the HBO series Big Love. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that Dr. Taft is a face we’ll see again.

6) Missing in Action – Kenzi’s not the only one who sits out this week. Apparently, both Dyson and Hale have some important Fae business elsewhere to keep them occupied.

7) Surprise Kissing – There are two surprising kisses by the end of the episode. One of them is really surprising.

8) A New Mystery – Be on the look out for a particular scene this week. There might be a clue in there to suggest that the season’s big obstacle might not be whether or not Bo passes The Dawning or becomes an UnderFae.

9) Burning Questions – “What if I’m not strong enough?” “What’s your type, blondie?” “Infinity or a pit of snakes?” “Do you want to tell me what that Wanderer business was about?”

10) How Does it End? – “Please tell me she’s not the one.”

NEXT WEEK: The Dawning, um, dawns.


Last week, Lost Girl went where it hasn’t gone before, but given its subject matter it probably should have (much like the season premiere “Caged Fae”). Except instead of a women’s prison, in “Eyes Wide Fae” it’s a sex club. Strangely enough though, with everything else going on the episode, the whole sex club idea was almost more of an afterthought.

We open with Bo and Lauren at the Dal looking for a little succubus snack, and while Bo does the deed with a stacked blonde, Lauren tries to find a more scientific way to curb Bo’s tremendous hunger. Kenzi’s doing some research too, but wait! Wasn’t Kenzi dragged away by some unseen force last week? Didn’t she have some terrible flesh-eating disorder on her arm?

Regardless, Kenzi’s found an unusual happening on the internet, a story about an average husband who spontaneously turned to goo in front of his wife. The husband was a regular (with his girlfriend on the side) at a sex club run by Roman, a Light Fae, a Bacchus, who feeds on the indulgences of humans. Business at the club is hopin’, but there’s more than one victim turning to goo, and after some undercover work, the team discovers that Roman is harboring a Manta, an giant squid like UnderFae that the club patrons would, ahem, play with if they’re looking for a new, ahem, game (so to speak).

But the big news this week is Bo kills again. The strumpet Bo and Lauren take home ends up dead, and at the crime scene, Dyson definitely smells Bo’s presence. Brought in for interrogation, Bo confesses that she has no idea what happened to the girl except that she was alive when they were done. Kenzi backs up the story, saying that she personally saw the woman leave their home, alive. But Bo let’s herself go while fighting the bad guys at the club, and for a minute there she seems completely out of control before Lauren’s able to talk her down. Whatever’s wrong with Bo, it’s getting harder to control.

Speaking of things that are wrong, there was something just a little bit off about Kenzi this week. She seemed more clingy than normal and she even tried to pay for her beer at the Dal, but most telling was that she ate some peanut laced Thai food, and Kenzi’s allergic to peanuts. So who is this wearing a Kenzi suit, and what have they done with the real Kenzi? Let’s look forward.

This week’s episode is called “The Kenzi Scale,” and in it we get some idea about what’s been going on with both Bo and Kenzi. Naturally, there are more questions than answers. Here’s what to look for:

1) Guess Who’s Going to Prison? – If you said whoever’s posing as Kenzi, you’d be wrong. Bo takes Faux-Kenzi to the Dal and tries to get her to confess, but turning the tables, “Kenzi” instead puts it all on Bo, who’s promptly jailed by Trick and the others.

2) Case of the Week – Trying to sort out the secrets and lies. Bo knows Kenzi is not Kenzi, but how can she prove it from her cell under the Dal? Meanwhile, the non-Kenzi is seeing her schemes maybe come apart, how long till Bo’s protests are finally heard by one of the gang? And Kenzi herself, how is she going to get out of her current predicament, tapped in a cave and guarded by UnderFae?

3) Opportunity Knocks If there’s one person utterly jubilant about Bo’s predicament, it’s The Morrigan. She presses Tamsin to get proof that Bo is responsible for putting that Dark Fae in a coma, but Tamsin’s not so sure she wants Bo butt in Dark Fae custody anymore, especially after they share an adventure together in this episode. But The Morrigan warns Tamsin not to get sucked in by the “happy sunshine gang.”

4) Speaking of Tamsin… – We finally get to see this week what a Valkyrie is capable of, and let’s just say it’s not pretty. Literally. Tamsin’s Valkyrie face will give you a real Walking Dead vibe.

5) And Kenzi’s a What Now? – There may be some interesting implications in Kenzi’s future. Meaning that maybe she left her last visit to the Norn with more than a rash. But the Fae currently running around with Kenzi’s face is Inari, a Kitsune or Fox Fae. Inari has a knack for going all Fatal Attraction on anyone that might call her friend, but her power was taken by the Norn and bottled amongst the Norn’s other stolen items till Kenzi broke it during her Texas Chainsaw Massacre in last season’s penultimate episode. But there’s a line in there that has some pretty interesting implications for Kenzi. That perhaps her spilling of Inari’s power left her with more than a rash.

6) Trouble in Paradise – What about Lauren? Well, she goes along with the whole locking up her lover thing as it will give her an opportunity to study Bo and find out why she’s been killing people on the side. Bo, obviously, doesn’t take the betrayal well and promises Lauren that she’ll be more than a little upset if Kenzi dies while her girlfriend studies her from a cage.

7) Survey Says… – We do find out why Bo’s been going off the reservation since the beginning of the season. Obviously that’s a pretty big spoiler, and the revelation ultimately sets up what’s to come for the rest of the season. A hint? Sure, I can sum it up in one word: evolution. Let the guessing game begin.

8) Burning Questions – “Who died and made you king?” “Eating every day’s a bit much don’t you think?” “Who else would I be?’ “Would it kill you to smile?”

9) How does it end – “We have a lot of work to do.”

NEXT WEEK: Lost Girl takes the week off. See you March 4.

‘Lost Girl’ Precap – Eyes Wide-WHAT?


Relationships became strained in last week’s episode of Lost Girl: Bo and Lauren realized their biological limitations, Kenzi found herself out of the loop, and office pets were once again proved to be a bad idea.

The case of the week involved a series of – shall we say – interesting suicides. Dyson and Tamsin come across a man trying to walk a tight rope between buildings, at some point it got into his head that this was a good idea. Like several people who have all died under mysterious, insane, and borderline self-inflicted circumstances, Dyson smells the scent of another Fae at the scene, and since all the victims have one thing in common, a new age therapy clinic, he reaches out to Bo to go undercover.

Posing as a couples therapist, Bo thinks she’s found a suspect in the clinic’s receptionist, a suicide Fae that feeds on the despair of people who kill themselves. But after another attempted murder/suicide, Bo begins to suspect another force. The bad guy turns out to be a Rakshasa, a shape-shifter who gets his victims jazzed up and euphoric before driving them to death. The Rakshasa lived at the clinic in the form of Dr. Bob, the clinic’s resident cat who spent most of his time in the office of hypnotherapist Dr. Palmer, setting the good-natured doctor up as a patsy. Dyson later goes undercover as a patient, but before he himself falls victim, and after being driven to believe that he can turn into a Griffin and flyaway, he’s saved by Bo and Tamsin in the nick of time.

But while all’s well that ends well for our heroes during their thrilling heroics, things were a little less certain on the home front. After getting into a fight over the ethical grey matter in posing as a doctor, Bo is seriously injured saving a potential victim of the Rakshasa. Unable to feed as well as she needs to off the utterly human Lauren, Dyson insists that Bo feed off of him so that her injuries heal completely. At the end, it’s time for true confession. Bo tells Lauren about the purely clinical dalliance with Dyson, to which Lauren reacts in a slightly stung, but utterly mature way. As a doctor, Lauren knows that biologically she can’t be all she needs to be for Bo for them to be monogamous, so they agree to find a way to make sure Bo gets what she needs while still being a couple. There’s just one rule: no Dyson. Bo can never feed on her ex-boyfriend again.

In other news, Kenzi tries to talk to Bo about her own growing medical condition. The rash on her arm is getting worse, the same rash that was inflicted on her after Kenzi’s confrontation with the Norn. With Bo busy, Kenzi reaches out to Hale, who’s bogged down with his new and very important duties as Ash. But when Kenzi interrupts a key ritual, she wears out her welcome with Hale too, and wandering alone at night on the streets, she takes another look at that rash before being dragged away by some unknown force.

And now that we know where we’ve been, let’s find out where we’re going. Here’s the preview of tonight’s new episode, “Faes Wide Shut”:

1) Swingers – Following last week’s realization that, for the time being, monogamy isn’t in the cards for Blauren, Bo and the Doc go trolling for tail at the Dal. Lauren’s putting on brave face as they try and find a Fae strumpet for Bo to feed on, but she’s hoping this kind of night out is temporary till science can offer an option to make a more traditional relationship possible. Still, a couple going out to the bar to pick up a third is little throwback to 70s sexy fun, which leads us to…

2) The Case of the Week – A human man comes how to his -ahem- eager wife, who sees him spontaneously turn to green slime and splatter all over the kitchen floor. The key, literally and figuratively, to the case is a sex club run by a Fae named Roman. Roman is a Bacchus, so named after the Ancient Rome counterpart to Dionysus, Greek God of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, ritual madness and ecstasy.

3) The Unusual Suspects – Although Roman is Light Fae, and been a fine purveyor of debauchery for hundreds of years, don’t expect that he’s not up to no good. Still, a good mystery comes with a twist, and this episode is no exception. Let me give you a clue: Octopussy.

4) The Other Case of the Week – Another body turns up, this one not gooey, but as Dyson discovers, it’s got Bo’s scent all over her. Tamsin is obviously excited about this prospect, but Bo claims to have no idea about how the girl in question ended up dead. By the end of the episode, someone ‘s going to get a clue that everyone’s favorite succubus may not always be in the driver’s seat of her own life.

5) Speaking of Identity Crises... – You’ll remember that last week’s episode ended with Kenzi in trouble. Her Norn inflicted arm rash looked like a full-blown case of flesh-eating disease, and that was right before – something – tripped her and took her away. But this week, Kenzi’s back to normal, hanging out at home, looking for strange cases for her and Bo to solve together. But if you notice that there’s something off about Kenz you might be on to something. Watch her interactions with the gang for subtle hints.

6) Terrible Double Entendre Pun of the Week – Courtesy of Trick after finding out what his granddaughter and her girlfriend are up to: “So many glasses… Must polish.”

7) Burning Questions – “What’s your show again?” “How about a little privacy?” “You wanna get kinky at a sex club with your granddaughter?” “Did you really see that girl leave?” “How much do I owe you for the beer, bar keep?”

8) How Does it End? – “So tell me bitch, where the hell is Kenzi?”

Next Week: Well, that would be telling. Especially seeing as how next week is about everybody spilling secrets. (Shhhhut up.)


Last week, we ventured into the sewers for rumors of plagues, alligators and pseudo-intellectual performance art. We met Tamsin, Dyson’s new Dark Fae partner who has a flare for the dramatic, and definitely has it in for Bo. We learned that Bo has no memory of feeding on the random Dark Fae dude, although she is dreaming about it. And we learned that there’s something dark inside Bo, and it’s scary enough to make even the most well-worn fae run screaming into the night.

You’ll forgive me if we have to cut it short this week, but here’s this week’s checklist for “ConFaegion”:



‘Lost Girl’ Pre-Cap – Killer Croc?

If you’re a regular reader of Nerd Bastards, you will have caught my Top 10 Nerdy TV Shows of 2012 list, in which Lost Girl finished in the number one spot. So with the premiere of season 3, I’m sure some of you might have wondered if we might do something more in-depth with the show, and we answer: Of course!

But what?

You see, I’m Canadian. (Hold your applause.) And since Lost Girl is produced by the Canadian cable network Showcase, we get new episodes of the show a whole week before you Yanks, and a thought occurred to me. Now was the time for an entirely new kind of TV journalism: the Pre-cap! It’s not as detailed as a re-cap, because you haven’t seen the episode yet, while at the same time, hopefully, giving you a little bit more to wet your appetite than the average preview. The result, I hope, will a fun and unique way to revel in the fandom of this unique Canadian hit. Or should we say Faendom? Actually, no, let’s stick with fandom.