This Bomberman drinking game, courtesy of The Warp Zone, is pretty fuckin’ awesome. Basically, if you die, you drink beer; if you kill yourself or step on a landmine, you drink a shot of sake, if you get killed by the dangerous bomb… you gotta knock back a sake bomb. Tons of potential for massive drunkenness and confusing the name of the drink with the name of Scott Pilgrim’s band.

Time to round up all the nerdy friends for some Sake Bomberman!

Source: Topless Robot

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Luke…I am your Heavenly Father (13GB)



Our friends at Dorkly nabbed (OK, created) a series of images of well known video game characters encountering the new TSA security checks. It seems that not even video game characters are safe from the TSA pat-downs.

From characters such as the loud Toadstool to the lovable Kirby, to White Bomber (Bomberman) to Master Chief, we got a few images that I’m sure most of you will enjoy.

So click after the jump to check out rest of the images while I sit here and imagine the type of rampage Kratos will cause after having his “Gods of War” groped.

Source: Dorkly