Bond 25

It seems that things are movie quickly for the next James Bond movie, the 25th in the long running British spy series. It was announced the other day that the new Bond movie will be in theatres everywhere in November 2019, and that’s without a director, writer, cast, or even a star, since present Bond Daniel Craig is still a big ole question mark in regards to his participation. But today we take another step closer as a short list of potential directors has been leaked, and it’s a pretty compelling list.  (more…)

James Bond Will Return… In 2019.

And that’s all there is to know right now about the upcoming James Bond 25. At least anything official. Details about the new film are been few and far between, which is well and truly weird because no matter what you, or anyone, thought of Spectre, it still made some serious bank at the global box office to the tune of $880 million. By this time in the production run of Spectre we knew who was directing, who was writing, who might be appearing in the film, and we definitely knew for sure who was going to play Bond. For Bond 25, all we know right now is when it’s coming out… (more…)

The last time there was news about the world of James Bond, it was a couple of weeks ago when it was revealed that the producers were exploring the idea of a cinematic universe. Interesting direction for a movie series named after *one guy*, but more importantly than that was the fact that it had been a while since we heard a status update for Bond 25, the next movie in the series starring the man with a license to kill. In fact, it’s been far from certain that the present 007, actor Daniel Craig, was even going to come back for another James Bond adventure.  (more…)