And now for something completely different… This site and others have been devoted to covering comic book movies in all their iterations, but while much of that focus has been on superheroes and expanded universes, something unusual sometimes slips through the development process, a comic book not about strong men and women in tights. So how about about this: a Harvey and Eisner Award-winning comic book series that Time magazine called “Lord of the Rings… but much funnier”? A black-and-white limited run series that was a hit with parents and teachers as well as kids, even being sold through Scholastic? Well Warner Bros. is lining up Bone to be its next animated hit. (more…)

It seems every few years, someone starts talking about making a movie based on the beloved comic book Bone, this time it’s the dude that made ABC’s Greek, Patrick Smith. According to Heat Vision Warner Bros. has hired him to write the script and P.J. Hogan will sit in the directors chair. Well, if they are naming names it has to be happening, right?

For the uninitiated, Bone was created by Jeff Smith and was published between 1991 and 2004. It’s the tale of 3, um, white human looking thingys ( the genuine Fone, the goofy Smiley and the greedy Phoney) who have adventures in a strange valley after being forced out of their hometown and it’s been in development hell for ever.

Justin Monjo and Hogan have both previously written scripts for the project and really that is about all that’s ever happened. It’ll be a tough sell I think, the weird (and really far to witty and great for the average movie exec to grasp) little comic will have a hard time staying true to itself if it moves to the big screen. IF it happens, I fear it will get turned into some second rate smurf knock-off. Of course I am just speculating, hopefully we get some more solid news soon.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

A New ‘Bone Script is in The Works

There have been rumors of a Bone movie for years and no, it’s not a cheeky porno title. It’s the critically acclaimed Jeff Smith‘s Bone, a series telling the tale of a prophecy, a princess, a dragon and three cousins lost in a strange land. The journey of this comic turning to film is also a tale in itself, getting passed around from studio to studio like a prison bitch, a sad tale really. Thankfully it’s found new life with a new script and is in the safe hands of Warner Bros. studios.

Warner Bros. has had the film under wraps for quite some time and have even had a three-film deal planned since late 2009. To further interest in the feature the studio recently created a four-minute short film to demo to Jeff Smith himself. Talk about a ballsy move.

The LA Times newspaper spoke with the writer/artist/publisher, who said he’s “actually excited” after seeing the four-minute piece, which is the first hint of a trilogy of CGI 3D films.

“Fone Bone was falling in the water and going through cliffs and canyons. The dragon moved in from off camera in the shadows with smoke around him, all in 3-D. It was pretty mind-blowing.”

Jeff has said though that the first feature-lenght film is still easily two years off but that’s just a small price to pay for wonderful storytelling. With Jeff aslo making a few appearences during the four day event that is San Diego Comic-con maybe he’ll show off the four-minute piece to a lucky room. I mean come on, a little Bone is better then no Bone at all.

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If you’re seriously into comics, and you never gave Jeff Smith’s Bone a try because it looked like kids’ stuff, you’re forgiven…but only just this once.

Yes, it looks like kids’ stuff, and indeed it’s intended as an all-ages read, but you must remember two things about this. One: Comics started as kids’ stuff, and many of the best of them still are. And Two: Bone is simply wonderful.

“Out from Boneville” introduces most of the main characters that will carry through Smith’s nine-volume (not including prequels and side stories) series. It begins with three strangely adorable little white mammals called Bones (let your immature jokes go; it’s not that kind of story). Phoney Bone, Smiley Bone and Fone Bone are fleeing their homeland of Boneville for greener pastures after Phoney Bone’s swindling ways have landed them in a heap of trouble. Phoney’s fancies himself the leader, but only because he’s the most arrogant. Fone is the smart one, the brave one, the one with adventure in his eye. Smiley is the dimwitted follower, more interested in his cigars than much of anything else.

After being caught in a locust swarm, the trio is separated. Fone Bone is attacked by a pair of rat creatures, one of whom wants to make him into a quiche (the rat creatures have a thing about quiche, it would seem), but a great red dragon rescues him before this fate can befall him. He then finds himself in a green Valley, where he meets a bug named Ted, several adorable small mammals, and the foxy, fiery Thorn, who he immediately falls in love with. Little does he know that he’s embarking on an adventure much bigger than just a walk out of Boneville.



Have you ever wanted to see some of your super heroes being super buffed to the point where their head is so tiny (unlike me who has big body and a big ass head)? How about seeing some heroes a bit scrawny but fits the character? Well, Patricio Betteo took that mindset and drew some interesting pieces. From Wolverine to Rorschach, and from Spider-man to Bone, Betteo has drew various of characters. Check after the jump to see quite a few of them and see if Betteo drew one of your favorites.

Source: Comics Alliance, Patricio Betteo’s deviantART profile (more…)