Book Series


Social media has been a great tool in general, but where as once getting in touch with our favorite artists and celebrities required writing a letter, sticking it in the mail and a) hoping that it makes it to its destination in tact, b) somehow managed to get read and c) said person is able to find the time to write back. But now it’s as easy as sending a Tweet, and as three recent Harry Potter fans learned, sometimes it is just that simple. While considering some of the lingering mysteries of the book and film series, inquiring minds decided to go to the source. author J.K. Rowling, and by the miracle of Twitter Rowling provided some insight into those mysteries. (more…)


Like many nerds and geeks out there I read a lot.  Well, I read more than most really, I average about six books a month.  I love finding new authors and series to read.  My big pet peeve is finding a great new author or series, then waiting a year for the next book to come out.  Let’s take a look at The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss as an example.  Great book, I loved it.  Published in 2007 and still waiting for the second book in 2011.  Not that Patrick has been doing nothing since . . . I just hate waiting.  So when I thought about putting together a list of some of my favorite series to read I thought there should be some ground rules.

  1. Book series must have at least six books published.
  2. Must be available or in print.
  3. The series was fun to read, who likes to slog through thick worded, stilted books?

With these rules in mind I went through my books looking for those Science fiction and Fantasy series that were fun to read.  Books are regularly picked back up again to re-read.  Books that have been pressed into the unwilling hands of family, friends, and co-workers, only to have them come back later asking for the rest of the series.