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‘Mouse Guard’ Comics Receiving Film Adaptation


You may not have heard of Mouse Guard, the Eisner-winning fantasy epic written and illustrated by creator David Petersen, but you certainly should. It is a long-running comic series (and tabletop RPG) featuring a stoic order of guardians in the form of actual mice, who defend the lands from the evils and monsters that would do it’s citizens harm. However, when the word ‘monster’ comes up, instead of thinking of giants or dragons, imagine owls and snakes; just because these creatures may seem mundane to us giant humans, they are a very real danger to anyone the size of a mouse. Despite the admittedly adorable art, Mouse Guard does not channel Stuart Little as much as it does the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones. Now, it’s getting a big screen adaptation. (more…)


When discussing Max Bemis, chances are that comics aren’t the first things that come to mind. Bemis first burst onto the pop-punk music scene in 2000 as the lead singer of the still active band Say Anything, and it was in his songwriting, producing endeavors that his attention primarily stayed. Recently however, his focus has shifted a bit. Starting in 2013, Bemis decided to make a go at writing and creating comic books. As eye-roll inducing as it can be when established stars try a new trade (actors or athletes putting out albums can be quite cringe-worthy), there are some things about Max that hint his foray into the comic world could leave us expecting truly great things to come. (more…)

Bill & Ted Land a New Comic Book Series

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The rise of Bill & Ted 3 has been rumored to be on the horizon. We’ve heard from Alex Winter, we’ve heard from Keanu Reeves and what we’ve heard is that they’re both very intent on reprising the roles they made famous back in the late 80s. But as that production lumbers on, scripts and budgets being tweaked to make the possibility into a reality, someone else looks to be jumping on the return of Bill & Ted bandwagon. For according to Ian Brill of Boom! Studios, we’ll be getting another Bill & Ted comic book in the near future. (more…)