Booster Gold


Greg Berlanti, the producer who has already given us superhero hits like Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl is ready to take his talents once again to the big screen. Although his last superhero film Green Lantern was a critical and commercial dud, he’s gotten enough street cred to give it another try. Berlanti is going to develop a film based on the Booster Gold character from DC comics. Booster Gold although has no superpowers, wears a special suit that gives him superhuman abilities as well as other equipment from the future. The film is currently in development with Warner Bros and will have Zack Stentz attached as the screenwriter and Berlanti as the director. With such an obscure character that only hardcore fans know, many are wondering how this character will fit into the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Could Booster get involved with the Justice League somewhere down the line?



Fans of TV’s CW‘s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (damn it, I am out of apostrophes already) are about to be treated to Patrick J. Adams being (briefly) added to the cast. EW is reporting that the Suits star will debut in a mystery role in “Legendary,” the season one finale, and stick around for the season 2 premiere. Though the identity of the character was not revealed he was described as a “fun character the fans will love.”

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As the DC Extended Universe expands on the big screen and DC characters are taking over the small screen with The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, and Supergirl (not to mention Lucifer, which will hit screens early next year), DC comics fans are more excited than they have been in years.  After Warner Brothers announced their upcoming slate of DCEU films, which included solo movies from most of the Justice League as well as two Justice League movies, fans began to speculate as to which other characters from DC’s stable would show up on some screen, in some fashion.  Well, DC fans, we have some absolutely stellar news for you: Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will be teaming up for a buddy-cop superhero movie that will be directed by Greg Berlanti. (more…)


While doing a panel at Wizard World Chicago over the weekend, fan favorite Nathan Fillion was asked which superhero he’s like to play on the big screen. Remember that he’s dipped one foot into Marvel‘s Cinematic Universe in Guardians of the Galaxy and the other in DC‘s animated features voicing Green Lantern, so there is a slew of characters for him to choose from. Which did he pick? (more…)


Tune in and then tune out as super showfriends Chris Cummins and Matt “Gator” Jackson return to help make sure that Jeremy doesn’t pass out from his (legally prescribed) back pills before the end of the show, all while Jason — driven by an intense desire to possess sole control of the show — tries to stall with his wild attempt to re-create the legendary “Night Of A Thousand Sh—y Impressions” fiasco from last year. Please don’t stop reading, they also talk about this week’s biggest and weirdest news stories like: (more…)

Time For A ‘Flash’ Easter Egg Hunt!


We are only weeks away from the premiere of CW’s newest addition to their DC lineup, The Flash, and most fans of the character couldn’t be more excited.  So, CW decided to up the ante a bit just to see if they could make some heads explode by releasing the latest poster for the freshman series, and it is chock full of Easter Eggs! (more…)


Hello friends, it’s been a long time since we busted out of carbonite and returned this podcast to the internets (which you can subscribe to via iTunes here.) In that time, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve sang, we’ve titillated and taco’d, but now we’ve finally made it to our 100th Episode (which you can find on Stitcher by clicking here.) That’s right, SWEET SWEET SYNDICATION IS OURS! So to celebrate Jeremy’s new yacht and Jason’s new chin implants, the guys have pressed their cummerbunds, bleached their assholes, and rammed a ton of references to show’s past and our best bits (comparatively speaking) as a part of what we are humbly calling, “The BastardCast Centennial Celebration Podcast of Magic, Lighting, Intelligence, and Pleasure!

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booster gold

It seems like lately, every damn super hero property in the known world is being considered for adaptation to either a movie or a television series.  Most of these projects revolve around bigger-name characters, but when you have a ton of popularity riding behind a familiar and beloved super hero, you usually have to put in the cash to make it stunning enough to satisfy the masses.  Now, DC is looking to diversify a bit by slotting some potential lower-budget flicks revolving around lesser known properties.


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