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With the summer movie season winding down, many of the heavy hitters have already hit theaters. While such movies like Beauty and the Beast ($504 Million), Wonder Woman ($396 Million), and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 ($387 Million) have been making serious bank, these films also had massive budgets for film production and marketing costs. Sure, they’re making a large amount of money through box office receipts and merchandising, but they don’t have the biggest Return on Investment (ROI) for their massive budgets. Turns out the most successful film of 2017 so far did not involve talking silverware, Amazonians, or superhero raccoons, but instead were small budget horror films.



What do you do after you’ve had the biggest domestic opening weekend, the biggest worldwide opening weekend, biggest December opening weekend, and biggest per screen average on an opening weekend, as well as the single biggest opening day, Friday and Sunday box office records of all time? Why you continue to break box office records, of course. Yesterday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens took the crown from Spider-Man 2 for the biggest Monday haul in movie history. It’s the latest chess piece to fall as Walt Disney Studios sets its sights on taking the all-time box office champ crown, while The Force Awakens sails for what should be another record-breaking weekend. (more…)

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In news that excites me, because it means soon we’ll be done talking about Iron Man 3 (at least until it comes out on home video),’s Box Office Report puts IM3‘s opening weekend total at $175,300,000.

Thursday previews and midnight screenings alone brought in a tidy $15.6 million – by the time Friday’s sales were totaled, Shane Black’s highly anticipated trilogy capper had made $68.3 mil…less than one might expect, but by Sunday totals shot up to $175.3 million, surpassing opening weekend totals for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2, and coming in second only to The Avengers (released almost exactly one year ago) for highest grossing opening weekend.

IM3 played on 4,253 screens in the US….meaning a per-theater average of over $41,000 – the third highest in cinema history.

Totals were just as impressive internationally, with the other 54 territories adding up to $175.9 mil….the current global take adds up to approximately $680,100,000 – and that’s just for starters!

IMAX reportedly sold out at nearly every one of their locations – surpassing The Avengers IMAX opening with $16.5 mil. in sales, second only to The Dark Knight Rises. Globally, IMAX totaled $40.2 million.

Iron Man 3 accounted for nearly 84% of movie theatre business this weekend.

Think about that: That means that if you were to grab any five movie-goers at random this weekend, FOUR of them would be on their way to see Iron Man 3



The numbers are in and it is official: the Hunger Games is pulling in some big monies from its midnight sneak-preview opening.  Receipts are still being counted, but it looks like the fans have spoken and contributed more than $25 million toward making this flick one of the highest-grossing movies ever.

Though the numbers may be high, Hunger Games still didn’t manage to beat out the current midnight champion Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 1.  It appears that the power of tween female hormones still rules.

The midnight preview is just the start of a long and most-likely productive weekend, however, and Lionsgate is looking at seeing some serious income from Hunger Games.  Predictions for weekend sales have been as high as an ambitious $130 million plus.

Currently, the two top dogs for opening weekend numbers are Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, which holds the March opening record of $116 million, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 which has the title of best opening weekend ever at $169 million.  Hunger Games is hoping to compete and perhaps take at least one of these titles.

Early reviews of the film are pretty positive, emphasizing a fast-paced quality which still manages to hold on to some of the more serious aspects of the original book.  Some people are even making statements that it will be replacing Harry Potter as the teen franchise of choice, though it may be a little too early to be making that sort of prediction.

Will Hunger Games manage to climb to the top of the heap and make its name legend?  Only time (and box office receipts) will tell.


Thanks to those at cinemablend for giving us the heads-up on this one.