Box Office

With the summer movie season winding down, many of the heavy hitters have already hit theaters. While such movies like Beauty and the Beast ($504 Million), Wonder Woman ($396 Million), and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 ($387 Million) have been making serious bank, these films also had massive budgets for film production and marketing costs. Sure, they’re making a large amount of money through box office receipts and merchandising, but they don’t have the biggest Return on Investment (ROI) for their massive budgets. Turns out the most successful film of 2017 so far did not involve talking silverware, Amazonians, or superhero raccoons, but instead were small budget horror films.


If you had predicted that the highest grossing film of the summer blockbuster season was going to be a DC film, you might have been laughed at. Sure, the films of the newly minted DC Extended Universe are big box office draws, but in a year where we have already had heavy hitters like the Fate of the Furious, Logan, and of course Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, it seemed unlikely that a DC film would rack up the charts. That was before Wonder Woman.


If you went to the movies this weekend, there was probably one thing you saw above all others, and it was the last stand of a man called Logan. As it turned out, the R-rating for this superhero film did nothing to quell the enthusiasm fans had at seeing the final adventure of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, the feral X-Man with the quick healing and metal claws. Already a hit with critics with an astounding 93 per cent “fresh” ranking on Rotten Tomatoes, Logan is now a certified hit with fans and audiences with a recording breaking opening weekend haul of $85.3 million. (more…)


After its first week in the US, Doctor Strange is already shattering expectations. You can check out our review for the movie here. The most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie has already scored $85 million for its first weekend. Although it did not the previous MCU record set by Thor: The Dark World (which was $85.7 million), it’s still doing better than expected, and that doesn’t even count its global box office.



Although the critics took a bat to Suicide Squad, metaphorically-speaking, all that negative criticism seems to have had no affect on the film’s box office. In desperate need of an unequivocal hit, Warner Bros. seems to have gotten it with the latest DC Extended Universe film about a group of super-villains being entrusted to save the world, and Warners’ entrusted them to deliver a hit. Mission: accomplished. Now, not only is Suicide Squad the first superhero film to star the villains, and not only is it the first DCEU movie not to have Zack Snyder’s stink on it, but it’s now the most moneymaking movie ever released in August. (more…)


Suicide Squad is not off to a great start. The antihero film focusing on Task Force X has not been the recipient of great reviews. Currently holding a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it looks like the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is continuing the trend from Batman v Superman and is outputting a product that many do not like. Most of the reviews have been mixed-to-negative for what was hoping to save a pretty bland summer blockbuster season. However, all is not lost of the anticipated film.



After all the vitriol and viciousness, Paul Feig‘s Ghostbusters remake opened this past weekend to surprisingly positive reviews (including our own) and decent box office. Although it opened in second place, it was, at least, a close second just $4 million behind The Secret Life of Pets, and with the nearly $20 million it made overseas so far, Ghostbusters has enjoyed a first weekend tally of $65 million. That’s not huge money, but considering the film’s $144 million budget, it is positive sign, and perhaps enough to make Sony start talking about sequel potential. In fact, forget the “potential,” it’s more like a likelihood. (more…)


Since it’s release a month and a half ago, Deadpool has slayed all kinds of expectations, and all kinds of box office records. Not bad for a movie that studio wasn’t even sure they wanted to make and let sit on the shelf for years until some wily person leaked the test footage online. But now, over seven weeks after it hit theaters, Deadpool is still making a name for itself in the box office record book, stealing a new title from The Matrix Reloaded and laying its eyes on maybe one more claim to fame before it leaves theaters. (more…)


You may not have heard, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been a monster success. This past weekend, it added just over $10 million to the bank for a third place finish at the box office, which is far from the $247 million it opened with, but good enough that the film could make another significant step closer to a massive milestone. It’s already got several box office records in the books, but now, Star Wars is about to enter a plateau only previously enjoyed by James Cameron. Twice. For it’s worldwide box office take, The Force Awakens is on the verge of being a multi-billionaire. (more…)


This is the least surprising news you’ll hear all day, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens can’t stop making money. As predicted, after being set up with an extra $40 million it made on Monday, Star Wars crossed the $300 million mark at the domestic box office while you were eating lunch on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Star Wars continues to eat the lunch, metaphorically-speaking, of some of the biggest box office hits of all time, and with the holiday weekend coming up, it will have its sights set on breaking even more box office records, including, in the long game, the all-time box office championship. (more…)