While at New York Comic Con on Friday, I had the chance to sit down with Mike Mignola at his table in Artists’ Alley and talk to the legendary artist/writer about Hellboy in Hell, the look of Hades, Red’s ultimate end, and which familiar faces might also pop-up in the hellscape. Check out the Q&A below, and be sure to look out for Hellboy in Hell this December. In addition, you can also pre-order Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand volume 2 right here.

Will we see any familiar faces in hell, any historical figures that you’re going to damn?

Mike Mignola: I don’t know about historical figures, that really hasn’t occurred to me. Mythological figures, yes. We will see some familiar faces from the Hellboy world, not a lot, I don’t want it to be just a parade of rematches, but there are definitely some.

When did you come up with the “Hellboy in Hell” concept?

Mignola: Early on in doing Hellboy, I knew that eventually I was goona have this arc of him on Earth end and I’d pop him into Hell because there’s so much stuff I wanted to do there. So yeah, it was always the second act, or maybe the third act, I don’t know what it is. But I knew I was going to do it and when I’d gotten away from drawing the comic, I knew that if I was going to come back I wanted to come back and draw the “Hell” stuff. Hell would be so much more fun to draw then the regular world.

Do you think you’ll ever fully kill Hellboy, just completely leave the character?

Mignola: Well, I guess. I mean he’s as dead as he’s going to get probably, but there is a final thing Hellboy needs to do. So there’s definitely an end of Hellboy… I think.

So he can die in Hell essentially?

Mignola: Well, he can finish his… how do you put this? It is funny actually dealing with a character who’s already dead because what do you do to him? But there is a journey he still has to make. There is still a couple of hoops he still has to jump before the pain ends for him. (Mignola smiles)

What inspired the design for Hell?

Mignola: Hell was entirely made out of stuff I want to draw. When I did the Amazing Screw-on Head I had so much fun working from old references of architecture and old buildings and that kind of stuff… wrecked boats. That’s kind of the world that I want to set my things in. There’s a lot of different geography to Hell, but a lot of Hell will be this… my comfort world of old buildings and rotting old wharfs and ships and things like that. No airplanes!

I actually just read Gotham by Gaslight the other day and it was really good. DC is doing… they’re reaching back and doing some of these animated movies from some of these older books, the classic books. Would you like to see Gotham by Gaslight turned into an animated movie? Or do you think it is too dark?

Mignola: Oh, I’m so not involved in any of that stuff, but I guess it would be great because it certainly makes sense. The fans seem to really still like that thing. I hate to say it, but it kinda wouldn’t make any difference to me because it’s something I did a trillion years ago. It’d be interesting to see if I get a check for it…

Do you read the current Batman books?

Mignola: I don’t read any Batman. I’ve never read Batman, I was always a Marvel comics guy and even then that was only years before I drew comics. So I still have no idea what goes on at DC comics, especially after they did that “52” thing, that is entirely geared to an entirely different audience than me.

You can check out some of Mignola’s art on his site, ArtOfMikeMignola.com

I had an actual essay planned this week. I really did. I was going to write about a series I just read that I really, really like and that I want you to like too. But, here’s the thing: Comic-Con. This was my first year covering it as a full-time writer (I’m not there, but because I’m not there my editor realized that I could be chained to a keyboard.), and I wrote a lot, a whole lot. That means I’m tired, so that in-depth essay about that one series will need to wait a week. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about something that’s not really a rewind, but more of a look at where we are now. See, I read a lot of comics, and in between all the back issues I look at to write this column, I read the stuff hitting the shelves every single week. And I’ve found some stuff that you people need to know about.


To a crowed house, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola held court at Comic Con this morning. Joining him were editor extraordinaire Scott Allie, renowned artist Cameron Stewart, and newly crowned king of BPRD art, Tyler Crook.

Before they opened it to question and answer, Mignola had a few points he wanted to make. There are no plans for a Hellboy 3 movie. The crowd was clearly disappointed.

“It’s wonderful to see BPRD spread out and away,” said Mignola. “[It was] way to find artists we like to give them a little corner of the universe to play.” Allie chimed in, “We didn’t say we needed more books. It was just letting the story grow, or finding an artist we like.”

The floor was then opened to Q&A.