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The paradigm shift of content at San Diego Comic Con continues in full force this year, as more and more non-comic-related products and presentations are made.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it provides more fans and creators the opportunity to reach wider audiences than ever before.  Fox is jumping head-on into the fray, bringing a slew of TV shows and panels to the SDCC masses.  (more…)

American Horror Story isn’t a show we’ve talked much about here at Nerd Bastards, but with today being Halloween and the news of the show’s renewal it seems like perfect timing. From the creators of Nip/Tuck and Glee (I know, a weird mix),  Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have completely reinvented the story of family living in a haunted house.

Jon Landgraf, president and GM of FX had this to say about the show’s renewal,

It’s one thing to have the ambition and guts to reinvent a genre in a way that makes it captivatingly fresh for a broad audience — it’s something else entirely to have the craft to back that ambition up. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have hit the trifecta with Nip/Tuck, Glee and American Horror Story which will be scaring FX’s viewers to death for many years to come.

The series is only four episodes in (three of which you can catch on Hulu, with the pilot expiring today) and we’ve already dealt with scary monsters in the basement, a maid who may or may not be a ghost and someone having sex (somewhat unknowingly) with a dude I can only explain as the Rubber Man. It’s clear from the beginning this series is  for adults only.

It’s not just severely twisted, but genuinely frightening, too. And not in the normal, “Oh god, the house is evil and trying to kill us,” way, but more like , “Oh god, people can think up terrible things, then act on them and you can’t do anything about it.” Scary shit. All I mentioned above is only the tip of the freaky-deaky iceberg.

Of course your first thought is, move out of the house. And the family is trying, but in our current housing market it’s easier said than done. So, think twice before you invest all your money into the Murder House, number one attraction on L.A.’s haunted house tour.

You might also be thinking, how long can this show go on? Most movies about haunted houses have everyone die, or the people escape. There’s usually some kind of resolution within two hours. I can’t really speak to the show’s longevity, but the creepy mystery they’ve built in these first few episodes has me completely hooked. You can’t watch and not want to know how they’re going to explain all this insane, evil shit.

Anyone else watching American Horror Story? What do you think about, can it last through the second season they’re now promising?

Source: Geek Tyrant