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That is Jason Momoa above in a photo-shopped picture from 2012 that was brought up when The Crow remake was being discussed four years ago. Now it seems that might actually be the case as word is making the Internet rounds that Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Aquaman) is in early talks to take on another iconic superhero in The Crow. There’s been so many (Misguided?) attempts to restart this franchise after the tragic accidental death of star Brandon Lee that there’s sure to be some fan backlash, that is the norm these days for anything getting rebooted. Director Corin Hardy (The Hallow) is going to give it a shot and it looks like he wants Momoa to take on the role of Eric Draven. (more…)


Eric Draven may have come back from the dead but he is far from a zombie.  The character at the heart of the James O’Barr classic comic book series The Crow is smart, cunning, ruthless and utterly insane, but he is definitely not a zombie.  Yet, like a close friend that has come back from the dead during a zombie apocalypse that no one is willing to put down, the Crow reboot keeps shuffling forward.  We recently announced that Jack Huston is the latest actor to be rumored to take on the iconic role of Draven in the upcoming adaptation and now we have word that another television actor will be joining the cast.  If James O’Barr is to be believed, it appears that Downton Abbey’s Jessica Brown Findlay will be playing Shelly to Huston’s Eric. (more…)


Sometimes it seems that getting a remake of The Crow off the ground is almost as difficult as trying to get a third Ghostbusters made, but with movement happening on the latter, what will it take to get progression on the former? Of course, you’re immediate reaction may be, “Why does it need to?” the vitriolic distaste for remakes drives fan culture, and not all of it unjustifiably cynical. Still, some people want to see The Crow fly again, but damned if the Powers That Be can’t figure out a way to make it happen, especially since they keep losing directors and leading men. So let’s go right to Crow creator James O’Barr, who would he want as The Crow? Hint: he’s already fought vampires, Superman and Cylons. (more…)


This sort of thing happens all the time in Hollywood, people slip in and out of productions, much like the normal person changes underwear or socks, but Relativity Studios might need to seek out the services of an Exorcist, because first they lost a director (F. Javier Gutiérrez), who was later replaced by Corin Hardy. Now they’ve lost their Crow star Luke Evans. (more…)

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I remember the day that I bought my first issue of The Crow.  It was the summer of my freshman year of high school and I (decked out in the usual goth garb) was headed to the now extinct Atomic Comics in Phoenix to grab an issue of The Vampire Lestat comic book.  As I went up to the counter with my copy of Lestat, the clerk asked if I had ever read The Crow, to which I responded “nope”.  The clerk directed me to the first issue and I never looked back.  When the movie adaptation starring Brandon Lee hit theaters in 1994, I was there on opening night and already knew the soundtrack by heart.  While it was a world away from the comic book series, the movie was special in its own right and had a generation of goths supporting our own superhero while mourning the man that died while portraying Eric Draven on screen.  Fast forward about 20 years and talks of a reboot have been making the rounds for years but each time it comes close to fruition, some other stumbling block stops any progress.  Well, yet another road block, this one if the form of Luke Evans, has just halted the reboot project yet again. (more…)


As I’m sure you’ve heard, Hollywood is creative bankrupt. So in creative bankruptcy news, progress is being made once again on the remake of The Crow, the 1994 Alex Proyas‘ movie based on the James O’Barr graphic novel. The Crow news of the day is that the film has a new director. It’s fourth. Now some would take that as a sign that maybe all this time and energy being put into an already successful film adaptation is being wasted, but not Hollywood. Nope, they will press on with this thing until it’s exhausted all possible avenues and filmmakers. Next batter up is Corin Hardy, but is he the bright young auteur to finally bring The Crow back to the big screen two decades later? (more…)


“Remake” is the name for catastrophe on the lips and hearts of all fanboys.  The hate of remakes, reboots, reimaginings, etc., that most fanboys feel is almost palpable when the words are brought up in geeky company.  Many of us have our ideas of just what a property should look like, especially when it is a comic book or nostalgic  property, and trying to change our ideas of what those properties should look like is almost as impossible as finding that perfect cosplay the night before a comic convention when you only have $5 in your pocket.  One of the remakes that has drawn constant ire ever since the rumors of a reboot first started up a couple of years back is James O’Barr’s gothic classic, The Crow.  For many people, remaking 1994’s The Crow is about as sacrilegious as having Mel Gibson rewrite the bible then calling it gospel.  Well, if the man behind The Crow, O’Barr, is to be believed, some of Eric Draven’s most zealous fans can relax a bit, because the reboot will not be a remake of the 1994 film, which famously starred Brandon Lee.  So, what will fans be getting? (more…)


Here’s an interesting rumor despite your opinion about remakes, but the latest name attached to The Crow remake is none other than Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. Now Reedus won’t be playing the part of Eric Draven, that spots already been in filled (rumor has it) by Lee Evans, so Reedus, sources say, will be playing the role of “James.” So who is “James,” what does it mean, and who might the production be looking at to play the part of Shelly? Read on. (more…)


Nobody, I repeat nobody, wants a remake of The Crow. The original 1994 movie starring the late Brandon Lee is a timeless cult classic. It’s a shame that Relativity Media is hell bent on tarnishing Lee’s legacy (he left this world while making it) with this unnecessary rehash. With that said, the recent casting rumors on who might play the lead has turned a few heads.

There was a time when Mark Walhberg and Bradley Cooper were rumored to play murdered musician Eric Draven. Fans, of course, balked at such silly notions. Things then got interesting when James McAvoy was linked to the project. A moment of pause, really. McAvoy was just a whisper in the shadows. Most recently,  some real eye-widening names got dropped. Thor‘s Tom Hiddleston and True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard were said to be finalists.

To be honest with you, as much as I loath the idea of a Crow remake, I’d be slightly intrigued to see Hiddleston in Crow make-up, acting all crazy and shit. That would be something! Alas, he and Skarsgard were just “in-talks”, with no real amount of negotiations involved. Apparently, all the actors (and bucket full of potential directors) the studio have cycled through, were all meant to keep-up appearances. The real choice for Regency was Luke Evans…. who, according to Deadline, just got the part.

Luke Evans (The Hobbit, Fast and the Furious 6, the upcoming Dracula) has been chosen to play the lead. Reportedly, director F. Javier Gutiérrez wanted Evans from the start, but his schedule was packed. Relativity wants to make the film badly enough that it has pushed back the start to shooting until early 2014 to lock Evans into the gig.

So, yeah, Evans is THE guy. What do you all think about this? I, for one, am not too invested in the remake. Hell, I consider this movie being made an act of treason. Anyway, some would say, Evans is the poor mans Orlando Bloom. Is he right for this role? Can you picture it? I dunno, maybe, however unlikely, the remake could be good. Evans seems a capable actor, and maybe, just maybe, Relativity Media could give us a faithful adaption to the comic book?

What say you fans? Sound off in the comment section below.

Source: Deadline