Breaking Bad


Yes, there’s a lot of super-hero stuff out there these days – movies, TV shows, and of course, comic series galore.  But most super-fare is either very do-goody, very “serious,” or a combination of the two.  So, when new content comes along that doesn’t take itself too seriously, we might want to pay attention – as is the case with SuperMansion, the upcoming web series produced and starring Bryan Cranston (he of Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle fame).  Oh, and it’s claymation as well, which always kicks ass.



With Star Wars: The Force Awakens less than a year from being released, don’t be surprised to start hearing more about all those spin-off movies that Disney has in the pipe. The studio wants to start cranking out a Wars movie every year, place holders between each new chapter of the sequel trilogy, and already writers and directors have been lined up to oversee them. But what are they about? That’s the question all we eager fans want to know, and want to know now. One suggestion was a Han Solo prequel, and recently, someone even attached a name to the role of the young smuggler: Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. According to Paul though, his playing Han Solo is news to him. (more…)

Aaron Paul Playing Han Solo

Next year after the release of J.J. AbramsStar Wars: The Force Awakens, we will have more of an idea of where the franchise is going with Rian Johnson’s (The Brothers Bloom, Looper) Star Wars: Episode VIII and Episode IX going into pre-production . However, the films that will remain fairly elusive are the planned spin-offs, which will be released in between the J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson’s films. There are three projects  – two which will be directed by Gareth Edwards, and one by Josh Trank – that could be potentially set at any point in the Star Wars timeline and could follow many different directions and branch out into an infinite number of stories. A rumor that has been running rampant the last couple of years, has been the speculation that one of the spin-offs could center on a Han Solo adventure, and the rumor has just been given a boost following a report that it is, in fact, true. (more…)


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been trying to get Preacher on to the small screen for some time now, and it looks like it’s finally happening thanks to AMC ordering a pilot episode, with a view to commission a whole series. Now, what makes this an interesting concept – whether you are a fan of Rogen and Goldberg or not – is that a comic adaptation of this nature belongs on a network like AMC. The comics are published by the the Vertigo label (iZombie, Hellblazer), which says it all really, especially in terms of how dark, and violent the subject matter is (oh, and let’s not forget the deep sacrilegious themes that run throughout the series). If is fitting that AMC have taken a gamble on this, as Rogen and Goldberg’s admission that they want to stay “true to the comic,” means that it’s going to be all kinds of controversial. As we have seen, bringing dark source material to cable TV just doesn’t cut it. The proof is in the pudding, having just witnessed the failure, that is: Constantine. (more…)


Looking back on AMC‘s award winning Breaking Bad series, the only thing I regret not seeing is Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) singing. now we don’t have to imagine what it might have been like thanks to the folks over at Animeme and Toonocracy. They teamed up and produced this little animated video gem. (more…)


This time on your favorite podcast, Jeremy and Jason sell out and embrace societies appetite for celebrity gossip before grasping your ear hand and taking you through the wild week in Marvel Cinematic Universe news that saw the announcement of a Captain Marvel film, a Black Panther film, an Inhumans film, and all of the rest of Marvel’s impressive slate. Also, there are robot things and a monstrous #TacoTalk.

More specificity! (more…)


Thinking about giving some awesome Breaking Bad action figures to someone you love for Christmas? Well, don’t go to Toys ‘R’ Us to get them because some Florida killjoy/mom has decided that because she thinks its inappropriate for figures marketed to adult fans and in the adult section of the store to be sold in Toys ‘R’ Us stores. Hey, it’s only the country’s largest retailer, am I right? Whose going to go to Toys ‘R’ Us first to buy action figures? So anyway, Spartacus won, and had the whole kit and kaboodle of figures from Mezco Toys have been pulled from the shelves. But don’t think that this whole thing is going to end quietly, or without the input of a key figure from the Breaking Bad saga. (more…)


Netflix is flexing its financial muscles once again. This time around Netflix has procured the multi-territorial rights to Warner Bros. Gotham even before a the first episode has aired. What else makes this deal special? Usually those rights are worked out on a country by county basis and not packaged together. How much did Netflix shell out per episode? (more…)


Giancarlo Esposito is well-known for playing some not so good guys on Breaking Bad and Revolution, but the man himself, as he appeared at Toronto ComiCon, was warm, jovial, and inspirational. More than the standard Q&A with a celebrity guest, Esposito sometimes wandered into the realm of the motivational talk as he discussed memories from the set, and lessons learned for the everyday. (more…)