Breaking Dawn

It’s hilarious how there is a marked difference in the amount of on-screen chemistry there is between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson now. I actually have not seen anything from the Twilight movies since New Moon, and even though I was smashed at the time, it was disgustingly clear that a cardboard box and a hobo have more chemistry. (We played this ridiculous drinking game where we took a shot each time Bella blinked. Yes, you can imagine how plastered we got after that.) But, now… Well, after Kristen Stewart publicly admitted that she’s fucking her costar… it all makes sense. It still isn’t mind blowing chemistry, but the change totally makes sense.

Anyway, we’ve got two new clips for y’all: the first one is pretty lovey dovey and the second one is super short and attempts to build up the action although I swear 50% of it includes preggo Bella.


BREAk Dawn

I hate Twilight. But I am a journalist…Or something like one, so I report on things even I am not a fan of, this being Bill Condon’s Facebook letter to the people regarding Breaking Dawn. Oscar-winner Bill Condon is  directing Breaking Dawn, thankgod, the end game to The Twilight Saga, which may be one film or may yet be split into two, god be damned.

His words are straightforward and don’t go into any Nerd depth on what’s planned for the film, but he does have one line that gives the inkling we may have terrible 2’s.. Split into two films:

“I’ve been given a very warm welcome by Stephenie and Team Summit – who are super-focused, as you know, on getting these movies right.”

Taking the Hobbit que, they are MILKING this series like lactating set of double D’s on a pregnant woman with a nipple fetish, AND I don’t believe with it’s psychotic following and all the money involved that Stephanie Meyer will NOT make another Twilight book. I already think I heard she was going to, but unless no, my hypothesis is that it won’t be long. Look at JK Rowling? She’s already saying that there will be another Potter book after she swore Hallows was the last, the limelight goes onto another (like Meyers) and the other’s get jealous...Check out the Letter to the fans by Bill Condon After the Spike