The 10 Best Nerd Channels on YouTube

The internet in the recent years has become a social playground for anyone to express themselves. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social interaction sites have led to the great and hilarious memes, photos, and videos that the whole world can share and enjoy.  Ladies and germs, today the wonderful people at Nerdbastards have conducted a search throughout the internet for the top ten nerdiest Youtube channels and it’s just waiting for you to squee in your little nerdy pants! From original musicals about famous films, putting lyrics to classic orchestral/instrumental pieces of music, or giving video game reviews we have the brightest and baddest nerdy channels that will rock your socks off so sit a while and take a gander at what we have in store for you.


 Have you ever checked out that YouTube website? Crazy, apparently a lot of people have cats that do stupid things when there is a video camera in the room. Luckily there is more on the site than just funny cat videos, in fact there are arguably 3 (maybe even 5) very talented people on it and we want you to get to know one better!

brentalfloss (the all lowercase is intentional) is a comedian and musician from New York City and the dominate force in the ‘What if ______ had lyrics’ genre of music, in fact he is the damn genre.

He has made appearances on G4TV, has a YouTube subscriber base of over 100k, performs at both venues and conventions all over North America, and has agreed to let us pelt him with questions and random objects (but mostly questions.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is brentalfloss!



First off, this isn’t the quality of Fantastic Mr. Star Fox, but it has a charm all it’s own, perfectly suited for a Saturday morning kids show.

Another fantastic song from musical parody artist and frequently featured brentalfloss, this time taking on the challenge of David Bowie‘s Space Oddity. With animation from fellow youtuber Underbelly, StarFox: Space Oddity is a perfectly song ripping on the Nintendo classic. The handmade puppets just sell the video though, taking the video from bizarre to outright cute and adorable. Just don’t let Jr. watch the video though, there is few curse words here and there. Don’t even get me started on the nude chicks.

You did it again you musically gifted bastard, well done.

Via: Topless Robot

To celebrate reaching 100,000 subscribers on Youtube, Brentalfloss has released a new With Lyrics video titled “Classic Ending Credits With Lyrics”. This homage to the ending of 80’s and 90’s videogames really sum up how much they blow!  The best lyric in the video that encompasses this idea is:

“Look at you kid, your thumbs are big and red, you smell like a taint, your goldfish is dead, so here’s your reward: Excessive amounts of names you can’t even pronounce!”

Just a scattered thought, but maybe the stream of Japanese names at the end were subliminal messages directed at the youth to keep buying the sequels and so on. If that’s the case, I didn’t get sucked in until I was 17 ‘cause I had no patience to finish after dying 15 times.

As someone who’s watched him perform live and watched his With Lyrics videos, I have to say the guy is a very entertaining lyricist.  My “Top Five”List for Brentalfloss are as follows (in no particular order):

Make sure to leave thoughts and comments below on this and other videos by Brentalfloss.

True story. There was this one time when I smoked a blunt while I had the Nintendo Mii Channel playin’ in the background. Ya know, that custom character creation area where you can act like GOD? Ya that’s it, that’s the story. Nothing happened. I was content and the Mii jingle soothed me into euphoria. If there’s any message in this story it’s that weed and the Mii channel makes the world right. Other message? My stories suck, don’t ever listen to me.

Anyway, while I’m under the influence of the ganja I think about a lot of things. Like what my penis would look like in the hands of a midget (Smurfy), or what a bed made of jello might be like (I assume amazing), but with the Mii Channel going, I’m like “If this song had lyrics I wonder what they would be?”.

Answering this call, is our dear friend BrentalFloss. Ole’ Brent was under another consciousness-altering substance when he came up with lyrics to the Mii Jingle. Beer! Is there anything it can’t do? Of course his imbibing of the golden nectar might explain why he looks, sounds and acts like a massive pedo. Regardless, “MaKe A mIi WiTh MeEeEe. It’Ll Be So MuCh FuNnNnNnN!!” Watch the video below:

Ya good luck gettin’ that song stuck out of your head. By the way, call me observant but my god, Brent seems to have the cleanest socks. Just sayin’.


To all you silly boobs and fuckin noobs out there that suck at Mega Man 3 (and at life) our friend, the gaming maestro himself brentalfloss has a very special song for you. Technically he’s making fun of the game, ’cause it dickishly plays a cheery tune when you die to make fun of you, but personally it’s a brilliant motivational tool for anyone trying to beat ANY difficult game, really. Hell, I’d sure as hell want to get better if every time I got a ‘game over’ someone sang this to me.

Mega Man or no Mega Man  this song is the greatest verbal smackdown. Best series of insults you’ll ever hear, and a catchy tune no less. Plus, Floss in a supersexy top hat. It’s fucking ‘Game Over’ man.

contralyrics(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

If you don’t know who brentalfloss is by now either:

Brentalfloss is back again with another hit worthy of being in the top 40. This time he tackles the incredibly frustrating world of Contra. Harder than most 80’s metal, “What if Contra had Lyrics” should be on every nerd’s playlist before they do anything nerd related. Even you (yes, you) must have used the legendary “konami code” at one point or another, after repeatedly dying all day. Take some time out of your busy day and enjoy another very funny Brentalfloss video. Spread gun, spread gun, muthafucka.

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What If: Dr. Mario Had Lyrics???

If you want a real good laugh watch this video concocted by brentalfloss and Parker Simmons…and I will bet, you will probably watch it more then once. I know I did only because it is f*ckin hilarious!!! Good ol’ Dr. Mario is here to cure you, and in more then one way! Not only will he fondle your balls, like he did for Wario, he will also pull crabs out of your girlfriends’ cooch, like he did for Princess. And if you notice, Dr. Mario plays the b*tch in the Mario-Wario relationship; after all, he does have a tramp stamp. He hands out “pills for all your ills,” and good thing too because those shrooms weren’t doing a god damned thing to help me! Poor Kirby has meningitis and Link has hepatitis. But the real winner here is Bowser with HPV. Why you ask? HPV in men is more likely to cause penile or anal cancer, or warts. Poor Bowser…..

Thanks to geekologie for this gem!