Brokeback Mountain


What ya see above is what if the internet named the Donnie Darko movie and you know what, it works since I have many friends who still has no idea what the movie is about (though, it took me twice). The fine folks over at CollegeHumor has come up and renamed nine movies with titles that pretty much explains the movie. From movies from the late 90’s to some recent films, check after the jump to see if you understand these internet titles of some known flicks.

Source: CollegeHumor



Ever wonder if your favorite movie would have been terrible if they went with the original cast? Or is there an overrated movie that ya thought would be better with a different cast? Over at wildammo, they did the thinking for you as they made many movie posters with the original cast on it so that you could just imagine how it would have been. From the Matrix to Meet the Parents, there are quite the few that may surprise you as there are some movies that would have been different,¬†especially Star Wars. Check after the jump for the poster and start thinking what if. (more…)

And here we go again. This time the rumor mill has cranked out something I WANT!!! Anne Hathaway is my one and only someone. The girl I have a giggly, blush faced thing for. After seeing those tits in Brokeback Mountain (yes, there is something besides gay cowboys in that awesome movie), I was one smitten kitten.

Speaking of kittens, next runner up for potential Black Cat in Spiderman 4..Anne Hathaway. And thats that. I think they found a winner and if she knew what was good for her she’d nab it. I like Rachel McAdams, but Anne is the best pic I believe besides my first choice Angelina Jolie…Although I’m not a drooling fan of hers, I do think she has the cleavage, the lips, and oozes the charismatic sexiness needed for Black Cat.

Would the real Black Cat please stand up.