Brutal Legend

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Ya know, it’s been an awesome couple years of video games. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock, Dead Space… the list can go on (and if any of you nice readers likes to buy these games for this poor bastard, contact me). Each having its own fun gameplay, good story, and of course, nice graphics to look at.

Well,  junkboy has been making images of todays popular games  in 8-bit form, pretty much giving them a demake look that older gamers will appreciate. He’s done quite a lot of them, like the Red Dead Redemption one above, so check after the jump to look at all of them and see if your favorite game is on there. (more…)


“Wait a minute, you get sandwiches??”

 As if Eddie Riggs doesn’t have enough to do, saving an alternate dimension from pure evil he, in his spare time roadies for fucking DEATHKLOK!

This is easily one of the best tie-ins to a game ever. What better way to promote your heavy metal game than by making a cameo on Metalocalypse?


The house lights dim, the crowd roars.  The fog machine motor clicks on, the band slowly walks on stage. The amps crackle, the pyrotechnics explode.  The singer’s spiked gauntlets glisten under the stage lights as he puts the microphone to his face.  The fans bang their heads, throw up their devil horns and pray to the gods of metal.  As the first E chord is hit and the first cymbal is crashed, it is then the Roadie knows his epic quest has been a success.  The quest to put on the most brutal metal show the world has ever seen!