Bryan Q. Miller

Unfinished Business

When Arrow returned from its hiatus the episodes were weaker than where we left off. “The Huntress Returns” was fun only due to another appearance of Jessica de Gouw, and “Salvation” was such a bloated episode with much going on that I cared so little about. Last night’s episode, “Unfinished Business” was a return to the more cohesive, solid storytelling of Geoff John’s “Dead to Rights.” And, huh?, what do you know, Bryan Q. Miller wrote this episode, along with Lindsey Allen, and I wonder if there’s any correlation between a strong episode and whether or not there’s a comic book writer behind it? I don’t know, maybe, but here’s our evidence.

There’s a new, stronger version of Vertigo on the streets of Starling City and Tommy (Colin Donnell) and Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) club, Verdant – which I’ll add just looks like a club you’d only be at if you were on high-end, expensive, party drugs – is connected to the case of young woman’s death at the hands of the drug. Of course, Vertigo’s involvement leads Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and The Hood to suspect The Count’s (Seth Gabel) behind the drug’s reappearance. Only problem is, he’s completely mad and locked away in Starling City’s very own Arkham-lite. But The Count isn’t Lance’s only suspect; with little, but compelling evidence Lance suspects Tommy of dealing Vertigo out of the club and begins an investigation. And, if you thought having your dad accuse your boyfriend of being a drug dealer is bad, think how much it sucks for Laurel (Katie Cassidy) when your dad’s a cop and your boyfriend’s a nightclub owner.


There’s a new Batgirl: Spoiled web series featuring the character of Stephanie Brown (Who used to be Spoiler) as the new Batgirl. It’s based on Bryan Q. Miller’s pretty popular comic run. The plot synopsis:

After a close call leading to a falling out with Batman and Oracle, Batgirl goes out on her own to reexamine her place in Gotham and the world at large. Stephanie spends her days seeking advice from Gotham’s various heros, and her nights patrolling the streets in a seemingly endless battle against crime. All this while attending college, having a social life and finding time to sleep.

First off, this isn’t Shakespeare, Tarantino, or Spielberg so cool your jets when throwing out comments in the comments section. It’s a fan created series and they all can’t be gems. This one definitely has its issues, (Really, when the chief minor thug started monologuing about the oppressed masses and the privileged few, my eyes glazed over. I kept expecting him to start singing the Jefferson’s theme song.) but overall I’d still watch it because I don’t see any other Batgirl material getting done on television, animation, or the big screen.

The beginning wordplay between Batgirl and Oracle was promising and the fight choreography wasn’t bad, but the pace through out the episode seemed to stutter without a big build up to climax the episode.

Check out the episode and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Batgirl: Spoiled is written by Sax Carr, Zack West, Ray and Beurer with Joey Rassool as Director of Photography and Editor. Original scoring by Regan Remy, Executive Produced by Sax Carr. For more information on the production including additional footage, photos and credits visit the official Twitter page.

Stephanie Brown Returns…as Nightwing!?

Fans of the ill-fated, often only begrudgingly accepted Stephanie Brown finally have something to celebrate. With the reboot of the DC Universe Stephanie Brown was erased and as far as we can tell was never Spoiler, Robin or Batgirl. And she still isn’t, Brown is now reappearing in comics as Nightwing in the weekly, digital, comic book continuation of Smallville.

The Smallville Season 11 comics are written by Bryan Q. Miller, who also oh-so-coincidentally wrote the run of Batgirl that saw Brown in the cowl, who spoke to TV Guide about the reveal it’s Stephanie Brown – not Dick Grayson, not Jason Todd, not Tim Drake, not even Batman’s son, Damian Wayne – who’s joining Batman on his venture to Metropolis,

Bruce can be somewhat of an angry man. Stephanie’s personality is so can-do and unsinkable and bright, so it’s very much on purpose on Bruce’s part that he has a good cop going out on patrol with him every night.

“Bruce can be somewhat of an angry man.” – Oh really??

Here’s the lineart for their Smallville Season 11 #5, which will be the print compilation of the digital issues, where you can see Batman joined by a female sidekick,

And here’s a really tiny version of this cover, colored,where you can see her purple accents,

The image at the top of this article comes from Miller’s final issue of Batgirl where he had Brown imagine her future and it included a picture of herself as Nightwing. I’m gonna guess then that her costume in Smallville will look similar. This arc will run in August.

All right Stephanie Brown fans, I know we’re few but we are loud, how excited are you for her to become Nightwing? I’m just happy to see her return to the vigilante lifestyle, no matter what continuity. And now I guess I have a reason to give a shit about Smallville, which you can catch up on digitally, here.

Source: TV Guide

DC Comics announced today we’d see Smallville return not to television, but to comic books with a new ongoing, digital-first series called Season 11. It’ll be written by Bryan Q. Miller with interior art from Pere Perez. The covers will be handled by Gary Frank, print, and Cat Staggs, digital.

Season 11 will pick up right where the television series left off and the first issue will release on April 13th, with a new digital chapter released every week. These digital chapters will, “be offered in a print periodical, along with an episode guide to the hit television series, with the first print issue released on May 16.”

Miller is no stranger to Smallville having written quite a few scripts for the series and I think it’s great to hear he’ll be teamed with his former Batgirl artist, Perez. Season 11 will follow Clark, now officially Superman as well as show regulars Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Chloe Sullivan-Queen, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and General Lane.

See, if you were looking to see Justin Hartley back in the role of Green Arrow, DC’s got you covered. Sort of.

Miller sounds really excited about the project as he explains the premise,

Six months after Clark Kent donned the cape and took to the skies to save Earth from Apokolips… enter Season 11! New allies abound! New enemies afoot! And old friends return where they’re least expected! Pere and colorist Chris Beckett have done a fantastic job of capturing the look of the show and the players, and Gary and Cat are knocking it out of the park on covers. I couldn’t be more excited to help give seasoned viewers and new readers an all-access pass to Clark’s first year in the cape.

Personally I never got into the Smallville series. I like my super heroes in costumes and capes and that was precicely was Smallville avoided for nine of its ten season. The show just wasn’t for me.

But I’ve got to say, I kind of dig this cover by Staggs.