Next in line in my crazed obsession with movie weapon replica’s comes a bloody, junky piece worthy of a mass murderer… The machete of Jason Voorhies from the new Friday the 13th reboot. From the Lord of the Rings weapons to the Star Wars Lightsabres all the way to 300‘s full battle attire, the big people have found a way to make a little extra cash off these films.

This is the weapon of choice for our Hockey masked hero, from a straight shot up to the hilt, to a nice “Thunk” into a kid’s cranium. It was also the weapon used to decapitate his deranged mama. Described by BUDK with a great and immediate description “Each blade is aged to appear rusted and bloody“. Can we ask for anything more??? Actually we can….

I am making a hypothesis that we will get the full movie quality Nightmare On Elm Street glove of Freddy Krueger. To coincide with the reboot of the original, they gave the glove a little retooling and tweaking for the the new film, so selling a replica glove will be a fanboy’s dream…Something dangerous to do around Elm Street. All the gloves available now are handmade fanfare or plastic, even some with false edges, so i am making a NerdBastard’s gentleman’s bet.

But it all begins here with the release of the the Friday the 13th Machete. A great step in the right direction for horror fans as well as avid movie rep collectors (like myself).

 valiant.jpg image by lgracin

Gil Hibbon is to knives as Smith&Wesson was to guns. Colt. You name it, he’s the equivelent in the form of the more personal ways to kill an enemy…”Do you wanna know which ones of your friends were cowards?……”

Anyway since th early ninties and into the early 2K’s he was strictly a fantasy dagger designer, but know he is going the way of the sword. Here at BUDK, his new limited edition (And I mean quantity) sword, is gorgeous and totally practical to replace your old pocket knife with to bring to work with you….Full tang, Goin’ back to well with his Wire Wrapped handles, this sword gives Conan a run for his money.

PS- The non gold edition comes with the Gil Hibbon autograph

The Red Queen, Nero’s demonslayer from Devil May Cry 4 is now yours to own and keep the demons at bay! BUDK has been dishing out the badass NerdBastard weaponry for our zombie revolution (whenever it should happen). It has the throttle, but no exhaust…Heas will roll baby.

More Badass Geek Weapons to come….

Thats right you Bastards!! Time to slay the minions of Hades with this sharp, gorgeously rendered replica of the blades of the God of War!!

Aries, Zues, Titan after Titan, and a shit ton of inept little demon soldiers are torn to shreds and DESTROYED at the hands of this weapon.

You may want to buy two, so that you can feel like you are Krato’s for the next minion you stumble across…..Or envelope that gives you trouble.

Check out one of my Faves, Budk , for the order. Put in your pre-order cuz these bad boys may go fast and they are not yet available….Get crack’a’lackin.